I am an orange lover.  I am also in love with the smell of orange blossoms.  This makes it as handy as can be that I live in the desert where oranges and their blossoms are as bountiful as can be. Each spring the smell of those blossoms makes me dizzy when we drive through the orange groves on our way to Dave’s parents house.  It is indescribable how thick the amazing fragrance fills the air. And in the winter when they are ripe and juicy. Boy howdy.  It is Heaven I tell you. I remember when I was pregnant with Grace in Virginia I craved oranges like nobody’s business.  Dave’s parents would send me boxes and boxes of them from the desert because they are so nice.  I would eat them and nothing else all day long.  Since we moved to the desert I always wanted to have our own orange tree.  I mean, how great would it be to just go pick that delicious fruit whenever you have a hankering?  But orange trees take years to mature to the point where the oranges are sweet so we put off planting any. Fast forward to the fact that we have a new house (that I’m sure some day we will actually live in).  My very favorite thing about it is that it has three mature, delicious orange trees.  It makes my eyes twinkle even to think about those amazing things. We went over and harvested a bunch of them for Family Home Evening a couple weeks ago.2013-02-04 sunday 691652013-02-04 misc 69170 We ate them up and squeezed out juice like crazy.2013-02-04 misc 69177 Although Max and Dave (and Lu) were there, they seem to escape the pictures pretty well these days.2013-02-04 misc 69179 They had no problem joining us when we got to this point though:2013-02-04 misc 69182 Yep, that is an entire gallon on liquid gold. Makes my mouth water even to look at that thing. Oranges are divine.

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  1. My SIL's sister lived in Mesa and man, I LOVED those oranges!!!! Those were the BEST oranges I've ever had!! Oh how I miss those oranges!! 🙁

  2. Oh boy, I'm jealous.
    I love oranges. I only can guess what pleasure it must be to harvest them right off the tree, instead of buying oranges, which have travelled around half the world, in a supermarket. #notsogreatlivingincentraleurope

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