I have a new life.

I am “organized.”

Now, don’t go and think that means I have all my meals planned for the week, or that I have my food storage up to date, or that I have the sack lunches for school made the night before or even that I may remember my own flip flops when I go to my son’s game (yep, I forgot them last year…had to beg Gracie to let me borrow hers that I tip-toed around on all night).

No, that will take years of effort for me to get to that point.

What I’m saying when I say I’m “organized” is that my friend totally inspired me so much in her enrichment schpeal about organization that I made her come to my house and “organize” me.

We spent three days pulling out everything in my kitchen, laundry room/office and putting it all back…organized.

Boy oh boy, does it ever feel good.

Dave is giddy. He LOVES organization. I “introduced” our kids to our “new house” and I must say they were quite giddy too.

But I must say I’m the giddiest. It feels SO good. What is it they say about “cleanliness is next to godliness”? Hmmm. I’m adding that organization is pretty darn far up there too.

Now if I can only remember which cabinet to open every time I want to get a particular spice or a cup for a drink…that’ll come right?

Thanks Rachel!!!

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  1. A girl after my own heart-don’t you love that feeling! I am an organizaional freak-I should have come to enrichment night in your ward.
    And yes-“”cleanliness is next to Godliness”, but I always say to mu kids “cleanliness is next to a sane mom.”

  2. Oh my! I can feel the giddiness all the way out here!! We aim to get rid of everything we don’t need, but even then storage space is our main problem. I would love an organizational guru 🙂 Lucky you!

  3. Would you be willing to share pictures of your new found organization and possibly even your food storage…that always inspires me most, seeing how other people have things together!!!

  4. I love having a new set of eyes come look at the organization problems that plague me! It is such a great help. Oh, and I agree with Kari, share some photos of your new spaces–that would inspire us all!

  5. I’m excited for you! I know how much you wanted that and I also know how much joy I get out of organizing things. That’s one thing I’m enjoying about having more time at home. I’m trying to organize after 2 years of neglect. I’m amazed at how much joy I get out of looking in a cupboard or drawer that is organized. Way to go Shawni and Rachel!

  6. That was an enrichment I definitely should have gone to! Man I wish I went. I have been feeling the need to do that but honestly I don’t know where to start! I always think I will do one room per day, but by the time I get through with the daily stuff I am too pooped! Good for you getting it done. Lucy was so cute in nursery yesterday. She snuggled with me a bit after she got knocked over. she’s great.

  7. Man, I’m jealous. My kitchen cupboards are usually in the ‘if you open it, beware of the falling can…’. I guess it’s my mentality right now. My girls are constantly into drawers and a few cupboards, so I gave up on them long ago. Also, in the back of my mind I think- This is not our forever house and I’ll have to put the house on the market in about 20 months, so I’ll deal with it later. It helps my mental psyche because I can not stand clutter, but not having a pantry in the kitchen does limit my space. One day I’ll be organized. One day.

    But maybe you’ll inspire me and I’ll tackle it soon. Just not today.


  8. Shawni!! We need some serious tips. What were her suggestions? Are you aloud to tell or is it top secret. I’m an organized girl–or at least I try to be so I always love ideas. Let us in on the tips!!

  9. Oh I am jealous! I want someone to come and help me get more organized! I love that feeling!!!
    You will have to let us in on any tips you might have learned.

  10. shawni:
    yes, i did take that picture. I don’t know why the others aren’t as clear… hmmmm, never before have i sooo appreciated great photography. Do you always flatten your photos, because I didn’t then did, then couldn’t get those to load. Then everyone needs me at once!! Your organized house sounds blissfull. Do take pics of the organized house. Lori

  11. Oh man! I am so jealous! I have been wanting this done in my kitchen for quite a while!! My SIL gets paid to help others organize…I think it’s about time I bite the bullet and have her come over!!!
    I think you just gave me the exact motivation I need!

  12. I sure as heck wish I could teach what I learned but to be honest my mind just doesn’t work like that. Now that it’s done, it’s totally do-able. It makes sense. And I can keep it that way. But my mind doesn’t work like that to organize it all in the first place. I’m helpless.

    I guess the best thing I learned is to have “stations” for things…now my kids have a “homework drawer,” I have a “to do” file, all my food is in the pantry and I have luxurious space everywhere where it was all crammed in before. I love it. Maybe I should have Rachel write a post with all the essential tips, because as you can gather from this, I’m far from an organizational expert!

    I’ll try on the pictures though…

  13. I’m jealous of your redo, but glad to know I’m not the only one that wore her daughters flipflops somewhere when she forgot her own shoes. It hurt me so bad I had to take them off again halfway into Blockbuster.

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