Our next two days at Rising Star were spent tutoring and teaching the kids at the actual school. We loved having that opportunity, especially since we knew so many of the kids by then, and also because it involved Max’s eagle project. In the morning they have this little ceremony with announcements.  2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 572542012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 572632012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57253It was so cool to watch them sing some songs and recite their Indian National Anthem.  This is how they stand during the anthem:2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57258 Before I confuse anyone, I’m combining some of the pictures from the two days and one of them was a “sports” day where they wore collared colorful shirts in place of their usual uniforms (above).  They have “sports” day every Wednesday. We sat in the library and tutored various kids all morning:2012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570062012-07-26 Rising Star Outreach 574082012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570092012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570102012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570122012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 573002012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 573182012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 573742012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 573782012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 573802012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57385It was so fun to listen to how well they can read and help them a little bit with pronunciation. One thing I was so amazed with is how well they can speak English ON TOP of reading this:2012-07-26 Rising Star Outreach 574092012-07-26 Rising Star Outreach 57410Wow. It is a beautiful language written and spoken.2012-07-26 Rising Star Outreach 57411 We got to hang with the kids at recess:2012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 56954Here’s Krishnamoorthy with his cute little brother:2012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 56960 Dave had this special knuckles thing he did with the boys. They loved it.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 573872012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57310 We got to have lunch with them on the floor of their “cafeteria” each day.2012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570282012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570312012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570432012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570352012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 570382012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 570552012-07-24 Rising Star Outreach 57018 We also worked with them in the computer lab.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 571232012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 571132012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57117 This was especially fun for us because they use a program called “Imagine Learning” that my brothers brought over about a year and a half ago. It was so fun to see how much they adore the program and how it is helping them so much with their English.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57127 I loved this screen so much I had to take a picture.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57132So true. 2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 572912012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57292The girls cracked me up wanting Max to be their tutor.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57298We went to the after-school activities too. One day they got to paint:2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 571642012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 571652012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57173 …and every day after school they have dance class.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57185 Our kids tried to join in a little on that one.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 571932012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 572002012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57208 I loved to watch the expressions on Max and Elle’s faces as they played with the kids after school.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 57212 You can’t fake those smiles.2012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 572172012-07-25 Rising Star Outreach 572212012-07-26 Rising Star Outreach 57414 Max’s Eagle Project presentation was probably my favorite part.  More on that soon. Love, Shawni

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  1. Shawni, I have absolutely loved reading your posts from India! They remind me of some things I've seen in my trips there. You are certainly very busy with all the different projects, but it is so great to see how you (and your kids) have taken it all in stride and jumped right in! I am really impressed! How cool that you got to meet the child you sponsor and hang out with him? That doesn't happen often at all, what a blessing. I'm sure you are impacting people wherever you go, and it really seems like you are enjoying that gorgeous country! I am thrilled for your trip, thanks for sharing.

    perfectly priya

  2. I am just dying over all of your gorgeous pictures and posts while you are in India. Your kids look genuinely happy! What an awesome opportunity for all!! I look forward to seeing more….

  3. shawn, first of all you are incredible to be blogging while you are there. i hope it doesn't take too much of your time! second, wow, rising star campus has changed since i was there. everything looks so nice! we didn't have a cafeteria, or a library, or dance class, or art class – this is amazing! enjoy your time with all your hearts. can't wait to hear about it FROM you and ESPECIALLY from max and elle. love you

  4. Thank you for sharing this journey ;). I am currently obsesses with all things Indian and bollywood especially hehehe 😉

  5. I have been following your blog since I read the book you wrote with your mother . You and your family have been an inspiration to me to be a better mother. I cried when I was reading about the day you took care of the medical needs at the leprosy colonies. Now my goal is to go to India one day and help through Rising Star, meanwhile I will help with your son's Eagle Scout project. Thanks for sharing your blog, you are awesome.

  6. Such great pictures! Loved the one with the little girl and the finger painted hand and the last one! What a rewarding experience for all of you!

  7. I am loving LOVING all these posts on india! what an amazing gift to give to your own children to take them with you. And the children are just adorable too!!!!

    keep the posts and photos coming!


  8. How amazing this program is, especially when you consider that their only option for the lives of these kids before Becky Douglas started all this was poverty and begging on the streets.

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