We had a kitten. For one day. Well, to be honest, we didn’t really “have” it at all, but in the kids’ dreams it was ours and it played with them every day and they were the perfect owners…always loving it and taking care of its’ every need. They even had the kitten named. Abby.

I’ll back up and explain: The stray cat that for some reason loves our back yard had babies…in our back yard. Five of them. Claire and her friend discovered them behind one of our bushes one day, and by the time they told me about it they had them all named. Dave was ecstatic to hear about this while he was up in Utah over Spring Break. He immediately told me to call the humane society and get them to come pick them up. But how can you do that when you have a child with a face that looks like this:So they stayed. Right there in the bushes. The kids thought they were the best. Max and Elle fell in love with them when they got home. The phrase “We HAVE to keep them!” was ringing through my ears over and over again. Then on Saturday when the kids went out to visit “their” beloved kittens they were all gone…all except for one tiny baby who could barely walk and who still didn’t even have her eyes all the way opened up yet. Abby. She had been abandoned. We tried to feed her with a bottle but she was too little. The girls (especially Elle) were teary-eyed with worry. And Dave vowed that it was either him or the kitten. So reluctantly the kids chose Dave (just kidding about that, but they REALLY loved that kitten) and we packed up little Abby and took her to Petco where the loving cashier promised the girls she’d find little Abby a good home.
This is how Claire looked on the way home. Dreams of another pet dashed, but resolved that all would be ok, because hey, she still gets her dad…who I must admit is a pretty cool dad.

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  1. oh i’m so sad! i would have taken her. we are looking for a kitten to adopt but petco never has any kittens. i guess they do now. 🙂 such a sad story.

  2. Awww… What a tiny little thing! Our cat, Martha, was a stray that just stayed. I’m not a real cat person, but she is pretty darn cute and definitely has her own personality and I like that she stays outside and can fend for herself if need be. But even then, I would say that a dad as good as Dave is probably a pretty good trade-off for an adorable kitten!

  3. Oh, Dad’s are almost as cool as a kitten. The thing is the kitten grows really fast and then Dad is cooler again. So, good choice on your part. I would have kept Dave, too.

  4. That is the cutest, saddest story. My girls would have been soo sad. However, my husband constantly reminds my girls that he is “allergic” to cats. We would also have had to pick dad over here. But what a fun story.

  5. I love that second picture of your daughter holding the kitten in her hands. So adorable! Can’t really say I’m much of a cat person either, so kudos to you for keeping her around for even a day.

  6. We have had those “1 day” adoptions before. Anytime there is a lone dog or cat walking down the street, my kids are convinced that it doesn’t have an owner and that it is probably tired and hungry and needs to rest at our house. I came home a couple months ago to somebody’s dog in my backyard with a dish of milk and crackers on the ground. I am afraid that we could be accused of kidnapping and holding pets hostage.

  7. Girl, your pictures CAPTURE such emotion and they each tell a story!


    I am HOOKED – I love your photos!

    By the way, I grew up in Alexandria, VA and lived there for 22 years!

  8. Hey Shawni,
    Is there a day in the next 2 weeks you could do newborn pict’s of James? I guess more like 2-3 month picts 🙂 I’ll be there in AZ and really love your style. Will you email me your phone # and some less busy days for you?? Even though I’m sure you are swamped! Love, Karen

  9. shawni…your blog is so cute! i have no idea how i stumbled upon it the other day, but blogging seems to work that way…anyway, my mom (julie walker) is in your ward and i’ve always thought you had the cutest family…you have the most clever blog! i also have been interested to hear about your little girl as i will be graduating in speech pathology in may. anyway, keep up the good work! your blog is so fun!

    britney (walker) bassett

  10. Remember that litter of kittens that we named after all the characters in Starlight Express? Pearl and Greaseball were the best! What finally happened to them? Remember the bunch that we took to the pet store because we had to move when they were barely one month old? They were worried because they couldn’t walk very well yet? We assured them that they were just babies and would be running soon and they took them in. What a relief! How great to have your own “animal story” even if it didn’t last long. I’d vote for Dave too!

  11. How could anyone not want to keep that cute little thing. If only they stayed small forever, didn’t ever make messes, came potty trained and somehow I forget about the fact that I am highly allergic, I think I’d run out and get my own today. I just don’t think my hermit crabs on the kitchen counter are as sweet, adorable and cuddly as it was.

    Sorry it couldn’t stay. Tough choice. (Just kidding.)

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