Today this girl turns 13:

I can hardly believe it.

Last night we sat at the dinner table long after dinner was done and went through her baby book. The one I finally put together for her for Christmas last year (and talked about back HERE). And we oooh’d and ahhhh’d over that adorable little baby we got thirteen years ago. Her extra toe. The way her siblings just could not get enough of her. And mostly the way her mother couldn’t get enough of her (I added some journal entries and I think it’s safe to say I could not have been more enamored by that little gem of a baby that came into our lives).

And she’s held my heart tight ever since.

Just bear with me on a quick trip down memory lane…

Oh my, I love this girl!

I had forgotten how much she adored this little doll she took everywhere:

And then her fascination turned to her little figurines or what she called her “guys”…

…then to reading:

…and now she’s on to fascination with Bo Jangles 🙂

Ok, I could go on forever but I’ll spare you and stop right there.

Here are my thirteen top things I love about my new thirteen-year-old:

  1. She is brave. She has a lot of things that are tough, but she braces herself and learns from the tough stuff that makes her stronger.
  2. She has a great sense of humor. She also has some pretty awesome sarcasm down to a science (thanks to her dear dad:)
  3. She is the best organizer of things. She always likes her bedroom organized just so, doors closed, things in their particular places. And that is an awesome talent to have!
  4. She’s also a pretty spectacular organizer of people and events. She knows how to make things happen I tell you! From game nights with cousins to an impromptu “pizookie night” to bring in the birthday week celebrations on Sunday night, that girl gets things done!
  5. Lucy knows when she’s in the wrong and gives the sweetest, most genuine apologies.
  6. She has the cutest nicknames for all her friends. I just have to smile when we’re riding to or from school and she hears someone she knows (she really can’t see faces very well especially as we are riding), she will call out “hello______” (fill in the blank with whatever cute nickname she can come up with) and I just love it.
  7. She is determined. This is going to kill me sometimes, but I have to remind myself it’s going to get her places. When she sets her mind to something boy howdy, she does it!
  8. She is a hard worker. She is so conscientiously working on all things school right now. This is tricky because she does NOT want any help, and her vision makes the work really tricky for her, but see #7…she’ll figure out a way to do it!
  9. She is a card shark. And is not afraid to tell people about it. Ha!
  10. She is grateful. She’s so sweet at always thanking me for things, and her prayers are filled with gratitude for so many things I never even thought of.
  11. She writes the best notes, filled with the most genuine feelings.
  12. She can really, really listen if she wants to. It seems like whenever Dave and I are having a conversation she pipes right up and asks questions and really tries to figure out the ins and outs of what we’re talking about, offers solutions, etc.
  13. She loves her Savior. And knows Him in the most beautiful ways. This might perhaps be her greatest gift. And the one that will get her the furthest in life.

So excited we get to celebrate this girl today.

Love you forever Lulu!

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  1. Lucy you are a beauty! I started following your momma’s blog when you were a baby, because I had just had my own baby girl; my first and I loved all that your mom did with you. I can’t believe you’re 13! That means I’ve only got a year left before my girl is a teen and that’s hard to swallow! I have loved watching you grow and “knowing” you from a far. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Anyone can see the light you shine to the world and it’s obvious you are an amazing human. I hope you have a fantastic day. 😘

  2. I too have been following you since she was a baby and what a beauty she is! She seriously shines from the inside out. What a gift she is to your family!

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful young lady! My prayer for you is that beautiful light that radiates from your heart through your lovely face and smile, continues do so forever. Enjoy being a teenager.

  4. Lucy has such an amazing, firey light that radiates from her. And how does her mother never age!

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Belated 13th Birthday to Lucy. x

    I hope she had a great day & has a great year. x

    I think she looks even more like Grace as she grows up.

    1. Happy Birthday Lucy! What a great list of wonderful qualities. She sure looks a lot like Elle! Gorgeous!!!

  6. Lucy is a beauty! I’ve been reading your blog for years- as I raise my four children at the same time. Please tell Lucy that I’ve particularly enjoyed her artwork over the years! Happy Birthday! Why do they grow up so fast?!?!?!

  7. I just saw that Mattel is selling UNO with Braille on it. Thought since Lucy loves cards it might be something up your family’s alley.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Lucy! She is so gorgeous and grown up! I hope she had the best birthday week.

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