Meet our new dog:
Her name is “Zach.” Isnt’ she darling? Claire and Grace have got her all trained to go into “dog mode” when they’re ready to play imagination games. She crawls around the house and barks and fetches.

And this isn’t just once or twice…this is all the time. We were laughing that Claire got her friends going on it too this summer. They had their little “dog” following them around at Aspen Grove, and down on the beach at Bear Lake.

Although I know it’s a little funny to have your baby turn into a dog every once in a while (I mean, a fairy princess or a butterfly would be a little more p.c.), I have to admit it’s pretty darn cute to watch them all in action. They are SO sweet giving her doggie directions and Lu eats it up. She’s just starting to really get this imagination thing down thanks to her big sister therapists.

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  1. Well, that is kind of cute… I have to confess that my children pretend to be puppy dogs all of the time. P.C. is that from Steven Covey? I was listening to his Highly Effective Habits on my way home from SLC yesterday and I actually thought about his family and yours.
    I love the photography you do. You home in the background of the pictures you take looks to bright and white like it's Celestialized!

  2. Can I cross my fingers and hope and pray that is the kind of dog we will be getting in my promise to let my dog buy a dog with our house???

  3. I have always told my kids "no dog." And i meant it, until I saw your new dog. I like that kind.

    So glad to hear all looks well with Lucy and her preschool. It will be hard to have her starting so young, but oh, how you will eat her up when she is home. And man, what a blessing it will be for all of you. I'm excited for her!

  4. Shawni,
    I just wanted you to know—my husband and I went to the temple yesterday and put Lucy's name in. I don't know you personally but have fallen in love with your website after reading your book you wrote with your Mom. Thanks for being such a bright light for me to look on and have my testimony strengthened of what really matters.

  5. Shoot! Dad and I thought that you actually broke down and got a dog! Well, I guess Lu is even better than a real dog because she doesn't chew up shoes and oriental rugs! I must admit that she looks like a pretty darn cute puppy!

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