According to Claire it’s official. We have a full-fledged new family member. Her name is Isabel. And she is white and very furry. She’s a “real” dog we gave to Elle a few years ago for Christmas hoping to stunt her desire for a real pet and satisfy that little void in her heart she kept complaining needed to be filled. Well, I can’t even remember if our plan worked or if Elle gradually became complacent with the fact that we were adding a new baby and not a new dog at that time, but with the passage of time Elle’s new “pet” was forgotten. So, the other day Claire found the “real” dog in the back of the toy closet, proclaimed her name to be “Isabel,” and hasn’t let her out of her sight since. She has to be with us in the car (in a seat belt of course), taken along to her friends’ houses, taken into McDonalds, etc. And the trouble is that because according to Claire she is “real” she has to be turned “on” all the time. And the further trouble is that when she’s turned on, she keeps barking and yapping. And the even further trouble is that it appears that being in the back of the closet for an extended period of time has caused her yapping to skip and repeat a little bit…just like a scratched record. Are we in preparation for a real dog some day or what? Am I going to have a headache like I have the past couple days from continual yapping if we finally give in to the incessant plea for a dog? All I can say is that I LOVE Lilly the hamster and for now, luckily, she’s doing the trick. (Along with “Isabel” of course…oh, and Gracie’s “sea monkeys.”)

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  1. SO cute! Fun to “hear” from you. I actually thought of you tonight as I was making Thai for dinner. MMMMMmmmmmm…..

    AND I posted an “explanation” on my blog for you. Call if you want a full one. :-0

  2. This post is downright hilarious Shawni! Perhaps if you got a real dog you wouldn’t choose a yapper! LOL

    Talking about the dog in the closet reminds me of those toys that start to make random noises in the middle of the night when you are NOT expecting them and your heart skips a beat and you jump! My son has a Star Wars toy that does that sometimes.

  3. Good Luck! We worked on our parents for YEARS until they finally relented and got us a dog. Because they waited so long (we were in junior high) we all grew up and left just a few years later and they were still stuck with the dog! She died after I got married and had two children.

    I would love to have a dog someday. Well, I say that as I hold my breath. I don’t want to care for the dog. I just like the idea! But my Adam is more levelheaded and has ruled that out.

    Funny post and cute little gal!

  4. We are getting the heated pressure for a dog here at the Farnsworth house too. I keep trying to convince them that they really would get bored and tired of taking care of it, but this line of reasoning is not working.
    Does tomorrow still work? If not, I am totally flexible.

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