She did it.
Graduation day came much like the other two graduation days we’ve had but the weather was strangely cool, and this time around our graduate was one of the speakers on the big night.

Yep, Grace was selected to talk for just a minute about the class motto and she came home with giant stars in her eyes the day she was notified…she was pretty excited about that.  I personally would have been mortified and wanted to crawl in a hole at that age, I loved that she was so excited.  She worked hard on her speech and delivered it so beautifully.
But let’s back up for a sec. to the afternoon of that big graduation day.  Lucy had just “graduated” at her elementary school (all about that back HERE), and Grace and her friends were getting ready to head out.
I had to take a little pic of the graduates together since Lucy wasn’t feeling so hot and didn’t come with us to the graduation.
Yes, on the last day of school.  She was just really lethargic and raspy, poor girl!
I loved having my Mom here for the graduation festivities.  Loved her calming influence.  Love that she went and stood in line with me in the sun to get good seats on the bleachers and saved them for us when I went back to round everyone else up.  Loved the love she showered on all the girls…and me and Dave too.
This is how the bleachers looked at 5 just after they let us in (graduation didn’t start until 7:00).
And here we are all rounded up…but this is before my brother Josh came and I wish we had thought to take a pic with him crammed in those bleaches with us.  It is smooshy in there I tell you!

Also, these two sweetest cousins came to listen to Grace’s speech.  Loved that they made the trek to join us:

Grace said when she looked up and saw them she started crying.  She loves them so!

Then came the traditional bagpipes:

And then the procession of the graduates, led by the student council.  Can you spot Grace right in the middle there below?

She was right on the very front row, and this pic is kind of blurry, but I loved seeing her beaming up at us.

Grace did a fabulous job on her talk:

 …after a job well-done:

Then it was the long procession of all those close to 1,000 graduates, names read, handshakes all around on that little stage.

And then the fireworks:

And let the hugs begin:

My mom gave Grace this gorgeous lei, similar to the one she gave Elle at her graduation pre-Hawaii.

So weird she’s off to join the Hawaii club.

Our dwindling little family:

With the Grandparents:

And Josh:

I love all the hugs and emotion that spilled out on that field, so many great kids who have built Grace up in so many ways over the years.

Love that Max and Abby sent this pic. from their computer in China where they watched graduation on the streaming link:
Gosh, technology is cool.
Post-party wrap-up:
And then she was off to parties all night long.

And it was all over. 

Another graduate.

I had to take the car Grace drives to run an errand the next morning and I found these cute notes her cousins had left on her windshield the night before (they had to leave early):

It does take a village to raise a child.
And I’m so grateful for the village that has helped raise this sparkly girl of ours.


    1. Thank you Emily- That was beyond beautiful and exactly what this mom needed to hear!

      Shawni- Congratulations to you and Grace. I don't know how you have done this three times- It was a first for me with my oldest and next year I'll do it all again with my second and I can't even think about that. It was wonderful and stressful and I was so so happy and so so sad. I love knowing that I am not alone in this and it was comforting to realize that I have now successfully raised a human to adulthood- or wait maybe she successfully raised me:)

  1. My daughter graduates next week. She's my last. How cool that Max and Abby could watch graduation on their computer in China! I wonder if our high school will stream graduation? Hmm…I will need to check into that because that would be awesome! Congratulations to Grace! Love all the photos. What cute cousins too!

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