I pulled everyone together for our traditional valentine’s kitchen Heart Attack for Family Home Evening this week.

(I made that sound like it was easy, and it should be with only two kids home, but I’m still herding cats these days.)

I love this tradition even more now that kids have moved away. For some reason it makes me feel more connected as we sit and ponder the things we love most about each person in the family and write them down. I loved the things everyone came up with. This year these hearts that Lu wrote about her siblings-in-law just made me so happy:

Carson’s “magnetic” connection, and Abby “makes you feel like you belong in the world. You can believe her words.” Oh I love that, and it is true.

Little by little our kitchen filled up with that love:

And I felt so happy to stick three packages filled up with hearts…love from us…in the mail for my far-away kids the next day.

February is a good month…short and sweet, and hopefully filled with a renewal of love. Plus, I remembered to say “rabbit” before anything else on Feb. 1st so it’s bound to be a good month, right? 🙂 (This is a long-standing tradition in Dave’s family…so quirky but I love it.)

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  1. I love this. I sometimes listen to your mom
    And dads podcast. They always have the nicest things to say about you and your siblings. And then you always have the nicest things to say about your kids and new in-laws. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Lucy repeats those super kind things. Kids are so often a reflection of what they see and hear the people In their life saying and doing. This should be the “norm” but honestly, it is not. People are often so quick to judge, to see the “wrong” in others. I love how In your family you guys do a great job looking for the good. (As I am sure you all have plenty of qualities that can be challenging.) We ALL do! I love the quote that says, whatever you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll find. You guys are really good at finding the good and celebrating it. I think that when we celebrate the good, people tend to “be” good, because we like to live up to others expectations of us. All of that to say….thanks for being a light. For creating light. For modeling and teaching others to be the light too. It really makes a difference.

    1. Oh R, thank you so much for taking the time to write this kind note. And thank you for looking for the good in me and my family and pointing it out, it means a lot. Lucy is one who really “gets” the light, and she sure teaches me every day.

  2. “Rabbit, Rabbit” before you say anything else on the first of each month OR you have to walk downstairs backwards LOL! Thanks for bringing back fun memories of Jr. High!

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