And this video makes me tear up to watch as I ponder what that Holy Week symbolizes: new beginnings. That no matter where we are, or who we are, or what we do, God loves us. And is always there. Always.

This particular Holy Day, Palm Sunday, is perhaps one of the favorites for Lucy and me.

I just wanted to share some ideas to honor this day first of all from my church:

And also from an Easter document my sister Saydi put together with a couple friends (I can take no credit…she has put together this really beautiful document to prepare and celebrate Easter in some beautiful ways. I’ll see if I can get permission to share the whole thing, but since it’s Palm Sunday today, I’ll just share this part:

Scripture Reading: Matthew 21: 1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-36

Ideas for Discussion:

Discuss the symbolism of palm branches (see Dorothy D. Warner, “Exploring: Palms for the Lord,” Friend, March 1996 for a reference).

I love this one: Discuss what your family might do to show your joy if Jesus were to come to your home today.

Discuss the meaning of the word “Hosanna” (see Bible Dictionary)

Discuss the expectations Jesus’ followers had for him as their King, compared to the way the week ended—with his suffering and death. As our savior, Jesus’ role is to meet our needs not our expectations. How has the Atonement been more or different than what you expected it to be?

Share a personal example of a time you were like these disciples who expected Jesus to be their political savior, but in fact his mission was as their Redeemer from sin and death. How has your understanding of Jesus’ role in as the Savior changed over the past several years?

Activity Ideas:

Make Palm Branches using cardboard (for spines) and green paper. Act out the triumphal entry. Characters include: Narrator (reading from Mark 11: 1-11), Disciples) sent in search, Christ, Donkey colt, Donkey’s owner(s), disciples shouting “hosanna.”

Watch the LDS Bible video of the triumphal entry.

Choose a resurrection Hymn or a sacrament hymn to learn during the week. Talk about the lyrics and sing it each day together.

Sending out some Holy Week love today. I feel so grateful to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what it means in my life, personally for me. So overwhelmed with gratitude.

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  1. I’d love to study the Holy Week with Saydi’s document. If you have access and permission I’d appreciate a copy. Thanks.

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