I am so very grateful for my parents and my brothers and sisters.

And this time of year I think about them so much…because I yearn to be with them and because this is the time we get the annual Eyre “Thanksgiving card.”

My parents started sending out “Thanksgiving cards” (instead of Christmas cards) from the very beginning of our family and I love the thought-provoking poems my Dad writes each year.

Click here for this year’s poem. I think it’s my favorite so far.

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  1. What great parents you have…truly that is one of the greatest blessings!
    My friends LOVE love loved TOFW…especially you! I have St. George TOFW on my calendar and so does all the ladies in our ward.

    Hope you had fun…sure do love popping over here once in awhile and getting a pick me up.

    I have tried to figure out that song in that darling video that was playing. Sounds familiar but can't get it. Who is that and how in the world can you not watch that video a hundred times? THAT video alone is worth all the frustration or heartbreaks along the way as a parent.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. The poem your parents wrote is beautiful. It totally made me cry 🙂 One of the hardest things for some of us who like to DO and GIVE and BE that one for everyone else is to RECEIVE when we need it. Thank you.

  3. Your family picture is amazing. I have one question: with that many people, what were the wardrobe rules? No patterns? It's all colorful, yet harmonious. Quite a feat with that many people!

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