Instead of Dave coming to meet us up at Bear Lake for the last few days of summer like he traditionally does, we packed up and went to meet him in Park City for some family time.

We hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks and we sure missed him (plus he was really glad not to have to tack on the extra six hours the drive to and from Bear Lake would have added to the drive home).

We stayed at my parent’s house in the canyon and I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

Don’t they just look like happy hikers? If I could reach into that picture and squeeze those cheeks of Lucy’s I would.

Claire was trying her darnedest to earn the prize for the “hiker with the best attitude.”

She won.

But Lu was a very close second.(we split up for movies…half to Harry Potter and the other half to Zookeeper)

Just imagine that I remembered to take pictures of our late-night card games (Dave is rubbing off on the kids with his “trash-talk”) and our delectable cookies we whipped up together.

Oh man, I love my family. And there’s nothing like having a little family time carved out to strengthen bonds and help us know each other like the best friends we hope to be. Often times life gets so mixed up and crazy as we run from one thing to the next that we forget how therapeutic it is just to “be.” (And often-times that “family time” can’t be at a place like this…that’s why I love Family Home Evening so much.)

Sure, Max would give his right arm for a brother amidst all those girls and of course there are some squabbles here and there. But I feel like the more time we spend as “us,” whining and laughing and even a little arguing combined, the more we fall in love.

Sun setting on a summer well-spent in Utah.

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  1. What a sweet time away from the world for your family 🙂 I love the pics of Elle and Lucy just enjoying some "sister" time. That is so special and you captured it really well.

  2. i love the pictures! it really looks like you had the best time. i love how you lump FHE into quality family time. our motto is "FHE…the family fight that begins and ends with a prayer" hahaha! we only do it out of obebience and its sad because i try my best to make it super fun…those brats! 🙂 tristan finally does have a brother but he was for sure feeling max's pain being the only boy for 12 years!

  3. I love the way you let your photos tell a story. So much happiness and love showing in all these.

    Beautiful place to spend together too, love the hike photos.

    I agree though the ones of Elle and Lucy are priceless.

  4. I usually don't like looking at photos in blogs of people I don't know personally but I really enjoy yours – I think I look forward to a big family, in hopes of being able to raise my kids like you! Thanks for being such an awesome example! I am taking notes as I come back and stalk every now and then.

  5. That's why I feel privileged and blessed to live in Utah..and Park City can be just the perfect and quick getaway. Your kids' happiness shined through the pictures..LOVE the Y t-shirt…Go cougars!!!

  6. I know you love the camera so much, and you take beautiful pictures, but how do you enjoy the moment when you are always behind the camera?

  7. I think one of the special things about being on family vacations are the many opportunities to capture the beautiful moments (either by the camera or mental pictures).

    Ben…I find that being behind the camera during those special moments, makes me take them in more.

    An example was last night. My 4 year old had not seen her Grandpa for a long time. I saw them snuggling on the couch. So I got the zoom out and snapped. I got to watch them in all their cuteness – cuddles, whispers, grins, kisses etc. Normally I would just notice it, smile, and then move on to something else.
    This time, I got to take more of the moment in. To be honest, I don't know if any of the photos are any good….I just feel grateful that I got to be a part of it. (Fingers crossed that I can get at least one sweet photo of them two).
    I also think that the photos are such a small part of the actual event/activity. Esp when you have a DSLR…as much as we love having it out, we also love freeing up our hands and putting it away. For me, the time taking photos represents about 2-5% of my time. 🙂

  8. Loving the blog !
    For your Friday Q&A I have a question, on the post entilted "once upon a time 2", why do all the people wear white tee-shirts ? Is it coincidentiaL ? This is a silly question sorry.

  9. Love Elle's photos. I see she has a Canon camera like me, but my photos never look like hers! Do you mind sharing what lens she was using and settings, automatic, manual, P, Auto, other settings? Thx!!!

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