Sundays are my favorite dinner days because we cook together, my girls and I.
Claire is always in charge of the flatbread these days (Grace has trained her well).
Grace is usually our salad girl.  She can whip up a mean salad, but her favorite is the one with all kinds of fruits mixed in, also toasted almonds and that Briana’s poppyseed dressing.
And Lucy is one talented table-setter.  She’s pretty particular about how she does it and I don’t want to ever forget that.
Most of the time Claire will help with the main course.  And most of the time Grace is zonked out as soon as she finishes prepping her part of dinner.  Because that girl can fall asleep any time, any place I tell you!
A few Sundays ago Claire helped me whip up some parmesan chicken.

And I’m going to go ahead and just take a picture of that recipe so I don’t have to write it out again, but I want to have it here on the blog.

Because it’s a good one.  It’s from my sister Saydi who is an excellent cook, therefore she cooks recipes from Barefoot Contessa, who is a master chef.  This recipe is from her:

Here’s a pic. of one of the steps because, well, I have it, and this is how it looks:

Claire took a pic. of her fruit prep…

Love it.

And here was the finished product:

It’s really good.

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