Well, the “every-second-of-the-day” family party for Claire that Grace invited us all to here was a wild success. I think Claire had her best birthday yet even with no friends involved. I’m always amazed with how little kids really need to have a fun birthday. Honestly, the only present she even told her grandparents and aunts and uncles about on the phone was a can of silly string.


Check out her face on the second picture from the top and you’ll believe me:She chose “sunny-side-up” eggs for breakfast. Strange choice if you ask me, but hey, I wasn’t the birthday girl. Dave was the chef.
We took Claire out of school and went to McDonalds for lunch:Lucy and I got to go volunteer in Claire’s class and she got to pass out cookies.

After school the girls helped me decorate the “flower cake” Claire requested.
(I love how Lucy’s posing in that last one thanks to her sister’s instructions.)
(And I love the totally straggly hair from the pouring rain outside…yes, rain in the desert…for like three days now. Crazy.)

And then it was on to brave the storm to get those ears pierced.Only two problems (aside from the fact that I kept hoping she’d chicken out…I still think she’s SO little! But, a rule is a rule according to the kids and I agreed to this way back when Elle was six):

1) I lost my driver’s license a while ago and still haven’t replaced it so we had to recruit Dave to come meet us with his.

2) The ladies at the store had the big idea that if they both used a “gun” at the same time it would only jolt Claire’s tears one time. Well, their plan was great except that one of the guns jammed and Claire was left with one of the earrings only half-way through. Man I kinda grossed out at that one. But they situated it all and the deed was done.
Claire was pretty brave but she looks pretty darn nervous in this picture if you ask me.

But apparently it was all worth it because she was VERY happy with the finished product:Then it was home again for pizza, cake and ice cream:

It will take approximately eight years for Claire’s wish to come true (according to the old adage that it will take as many years as it does breaths to blow out the candles). That’s a good thing since the wish probably involved a dog (like the other kids’ wishes every year) and it may take us about that long to get one…

We sure love you Claire!

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  1. I love love love the mom/dad/ birthday kid picture you always take. It is so much fun. One day you should make a collage for each of them with each year. Clara just got her ears pierced this summer and it is a nightmare. I keep begging her to close them up and if she loses another pair of expensive earrings, I may cry. I'm sure Claire will be much more responsible.

  2. She has an infectious smile. I am sure that smile lightens up a lot of peoples lives. What a cutie. Birthdays are the best. Now I should probably post my birthday boys pics, but I am in denial that he is turning 7 (not possible)

  3. this is soooo cute! i miss that girl! i'll call a little later when she's home from school – sorry i missed calling on her actual birthday. there are too many in january. miss you guys so much!

  4. One of the guns got stuck on my ear, too, when I had my ears pierced. Only I was nineteen, I knew my mom would freak when she found out about my pierced ears, and it took them a looooong time to get that gun off my ear. Long enough for me to sweat bullets that I'd have to call my parents from the ER, with an ear-piercing gun stuck to my head. Loved seeing the cake!

  5. WOW WHAT A CAKE! I think thing outdoes the gingerbread houses for delicious candy! That Claire is such an adorable child! Plus the pictures of Lucy's pride and joy in the whole process are priceless!

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