Max is quite persuasive when there’s something he cares about.

One of those things lately is his hair. Yes, his hair.

It’s like he’s Samson with all his strength wrapped up in that stuff on his head.

It has been looking like this: One giant mass of fluffiness.

A couple weeks ago we ran on some errands I told him it was time to go get it cut when we got home.

It’s not that I don’t believe in boys having longer hair (I kinda like it sometimes), but it was just huge. And poofy.

But by the time we were done he showed me this on facebook:

Apparently the ladies like fluff.

I gave in and gave him one more week.

Then that mass of lusciousness got hacked off.

But don’t worry girls, that stuff grows like a weed so the fluff will be back soon enough 🙂

p.s. I forgot to mention yesterday that this sweet girl is doing “A Mother’s Book of Secrets” give-away over here that is closing tonight…

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  1. "your hair is so fluffy and luscious!" Made me laugh! Ahh teenage girls and the influence they have on teenage boys. Do you think those girls might motivate my 12 year old into wanting to shower more and wear clothes that match?? Nahh…he still thinks they have cooties!

  2. HA! I like how all the girls are using the word luscious to describe his hair.
    Webster's dictionary:
    lus ciuos adj. 1: pleasingly sweet in taste or smell 2: sensually appealing
    Hopefully the girls mean his hair smells pleasing and is appealing to look at, but doesn't taste good.

  3. This question is from a previous post. The canvas you have of the SL Temple is so gorgeous. Is this a picture you took, and if so, are you sharing it? 🙂 I recently bought a canvas groupon and have been struggling with what picture to use. If not, no worries. Thanks! (lindsay.salazar(at)

  4. I saw that on Face book and totally chuckled! I feel your pain since we are going through the same thing over here with Austin! He claims he is growing it long enough for 'locks of love!' I can hardly look at it lately and am begging him to please cut it!
    Gotta love teenagers.

    I got your message and am sorry I didn't call back. I figured out my question about the lens. Thanks for your diligence.

  5. my husband still says the same thing about his longer hair when he was a teenager. 'the girls love it!' i try to tell him that they lied……doesn't believe it. 🙂 pictures say otherwise.

  6. Well now your son knows where to go for affirmation! Ha 😉

    I'd love to know how you copied that facebook page onto your blog. I know it's okay to do that since it's a public forum and all, so I'd really like to know how. Was it just a simple copy and paste?

  7. Ugh! We are having a hair dilemma over here! My almost 11 year old, the problem is that I love it longer but my hubby says it is too long! Too long for a mission and byu dress code, but does that mean too long to pass the sacrament? The debate. My hubby says long hair equates slacker mentality… Does it?

  8. Kristin…I know lots of people who choose not to fight the hair battle, it's one thing they let the child have choice over. Once they get older they need to be given agency over some things in their life or they will totally rebel. My son wouldn't be passing the sacrament with a purple mohawk, but if it's over his ears a bit I'm not going to say anything about it. I have several nephews who had "long-ish" hair as teenagers and they were great kids and went on missions, to BYU and married in the temple.

  9. Kristen: In my experience, a lot of the pre-teen boys that have longer hair don't really care- but mom "thinks it is so adorable" and so the boy caters to her opinion. Personally, I line up more with your hubby. The fewer things that a boy has to change before he hits the MTC, the greater the chance that he WILL hit the MTC.
    (Of course I grew up n the '70s where all of us had long hair)

  10. Please could you explain how you got such a great screen shot of facebook? Mine never come out like that!

    Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks:)

  11. I noticed that your kids wear Abercrombie clothes. Did you know that Abercrombie came out with an “Ashley” push up bra for girls as young as 7?

    This is a really good article from CNN about Abercrombie coming out with the “Ashley” bra and the sexualization of little girls. I thought you might be interested in reading it:

    Do your girls have a hard time finding shorts that are long enough? Do you have any rules in your family as to how long shorts should be?

    Are some of your girl’s hair highlighted? Or is their hair naturally blond? At what age can they highlight their hair?

    Are your kids going to get their teeth bleached as soon as they get their braces off? Is that something you would allow?

    You have gorgeous, model-like kids! Do you ever worry about people stalking your kids through your blog? I’m sure a lot of guys are already crazy for your girls. (As well as a ton of girls out there crazy for Max) ☺

    You have a beautiful family and blog. I love your photography skills – you are very talented!

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