Just a little note to say that the photography class I’m teaching on Wednesday only has one more spot. I don’t want it to get too full because I want us to be able to really discuss any questions and really delve into some useful information. So if you’re interested grab that last spot! If you don’t have the phone number click here for the web site.


  1. Hi Shawni,
    You don’t know me…but I was in the singles ward with Jonah and Aja back in Boston. Anyhow, I keep up with Aja’s blog and check yours out often. I love how you are able to articulate your feelings as a mother–something I don’t feel I can put into words well. Anyhow, I’m writing because my parents live in Prescott and you’re in Arizona, right? Anyhow, we’re having a family reunion very soon actually and my mom has been talking with a photographer to come take some family pics but I thought of you suddenly today because I love your photography. Okay, sorry this is really long winded. Here’s what I’m wondering–how far will you travel to do a shoot, how much do you charge….etc. etc. Our reunion is actually the weekend of the 4th of July so it’s probably too late of notice anyway, but any info would be greatly appreciated.
    maren (gibb) bosley
    If you could email me at thebosleys@gmail.com

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