I’ve been horrible responding to comments and e-mails lately…sorry!

But for those who have asked about photography equipment, my guest post today on Shabby Apple is specifically about that. Check it out here. (Can that count as an e-mail response??)

Also, my sister is friends with this fabulous girl who has started a really interesting new venture called the “Mormon Women Project.” It is a project to bring to focus the stunning diversity and strength that may not always be recognized among Mormon women who are often lumped together as being so very similar. On the site, it explains the purpose of the project with this statement:

“The MWP is particularly interested in highlighting the righteous choices women make in all circumstances and locations. It celebrates women who have made deliberate choices — with the help of the Spirit and personal revelation — to overcome personal trials, magnify motherhood, contribute to communities outside their homes, or be converted to the Gospel.”

(Click here to check it out.)

This week my sister was interviewed for the project and I wanted to put a link to that too, right here. Way to go, Saren!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I just read your post at Shabby Apple and I had to say a big THANK YOU for mentioning that you can take okay pictures with a little point and shoot. It's validating for those of us who would love to invest in an SLR with all the bells and whistles but just can't afford it.

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