Have I ever mentioned how much I love photography? I do, and I love that I get to meet so many great people through it. And I don’t really like to mix this stuff with my normal blog, but even more I don’t want to have another writing blog. So to tide me over until I actually get my website up and running I did throw together a photography blog here…nothing spectacular, and I haven’t even added anything from this new year yet, but at least it gives an idea of what I do as a photographer. Anyone local who is interested in booking a session, I only have one more slot open (at the end of May) before my summer break. Then, because I only shoot in natural light and it gets too hot here in the summer, the next available time to book a shoot is in October (and it’s already filling up). So, if you want a spot in the Fall, let me know early because I won’t be doing any more photoshoots after December 1st (it just takes too much time away from my family and doesn’t work for me that close to Christmas). My prices will be going up in November to weed out some of the Christmas rush, so October’s the time to book and space is limited. So anyone local just call and let me know if you’re interested.

One more option: I’ll be in Utah for the month of July and have two photoshoots booked up there. If anyone else is interested, let me know. I’ll probably only add two more.

I’m attaching some of my favorites from the last month. I have three more sessions I’m editing that I’ll put up soon.

These little boys killed me with their heartfelt snuggles. Seriously. They were heart-melters and their whole family was so darn cute…even the grandparents who came along for a few of the shots.such cute grandparents:

And then there were my favorite twins in their blessing dresses:And this sweet newborn:Has grown into this six-month-old sweetie:

This little girl is all princess, and this doesn’t even show the back of her amazing up-do, or the crown she wore in some of the pictures. Wow, I had a bun for my baptism day too, but it didn’t quite compare to this one! She is one sweet girl and sure seemed ready to make the big step!I came home from a photoshoot last week to find this:

Love these kids.

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  1. These photos are just beautiful Shawni! Love the little girl in the baptism dress. Super cute. I especially love that last one. That is amazing that they were able to keep that bike balanced. 🙂

  2. Shawni…I want that slot for a photoshoot in July here. I will email you about that because we are getting our summer trips planned and I am dying to have your skillz hang on my walls with my kids!
    By the way I loved your keepin it real post. I have had one of those weeks and I can relate. I am always hard on myself for my attitude because as a Mom that’s what we do best…..we are hard on ourselves.
    Pat yourself on the back, grab a smoothie and take a bubble bath…you are doing just great!

  3. Shawni,
    will you please put the Farnsworths down for a family picture in the Fall and also my friend Julie Williams wants you to photograph her kids and newborn that will arrive in September.

  4. I think you are amazing. You capture the joy of living and the love in the relationships, not just the appearance of the person if that makes sense 🙂

  5. Hey Shawni! I want your other slot for July for my family. My due date is June 28th so ideally I would like to have the photo session at the end of July. Will that work? I just don’t know when this little guy is coming but I will be induced after the 4th sometime. Love love love your photo’s girl! Can’t wait to meet ya!

  6. Shawni!
    This is Katie Bloomfield… I saw that you might possibly be doing some pictures in Utah in July. My mom is very interested in some family pictures if you could fit it in! We love your photography! Just let us know what you could possibly do (801) 756-5759 🙂

  7. I have a hard time with this, too. I haven’t ever posted any photoshoots on my blog because it’s my journal and then I feel like I will have to post all the shoots I do. I also started an extra blog but never did anything with it. Maybe I will when I have a second.

    But, I’m glad you posted these because I love to see your photoshoots. They are great! And if you are ever in NY again will you photograph me and my family?

  8. My family and I will be in Utah in July too and oh how I’d love some family photo’s like these. I really don’t know when the last picture was taken that I was actually in. I would love to schedule a shoot for one of these times we’re in AZ. But maybe, you’ll be in Washington one of these days and we can arrange something then…we’ve got lots of natural light year around! 🙂

  9. Can’t wait for you to do our family the second week in May! Please call or e-mail me the date and time that works best for you and we will plug it in on our calendar. You do such beautiful work!!

  10. Obviously, the two slots you offered in Utah are full……obviously,…… right??

    But if you absolutely decided to spend your entire vacation shooting, and feel pity because I have been far to busy around here to check blogs for random great offers……shoot us.

    If someone falls through. Name the day and the time, We’ll be there.

  11. Hey, I’m a friend of Melissa F.’s so I check out your blog every once in awhile. Love your photography. I’m also a photographer of sorts so therefore have tons of pictures of my kiddos but few family photos. Wondering if I could schedule a shoot before the holidays. What do you charge? What’s your info? E-mail me at kroffamy@mac.com. Thanks.

  12. Hi Shawni,
    I am a friend of Karen Matsen’s and am also a fan of your parents “value parenting” on Good Things Utah. Hope you don’t mind me checking your blog from time to time. Your family is adorable and I enjoy reading your entries. You are such a great mother and one I hope to emulate. Thanks for inspiring us all!
    Your photos are amazing and would love to have you photograph my family too! I was so excited to read you would be in Utah, but see your Utah session may be full. If you decide to open any more slots I would love for you to fit us in. You can reach me by email at utahnative@hotmail.com and let me know either way. Thanks so much!

  13. My heart is melting at these pictures. I can’t stop starring and starring and starring. You are amazing. You capture such great moments- oh they are just BEAUTIFUL. I hope you are doing photography a year from now so I can sign up!! (i’ll have #4 by then- no i’m not announcing- just planning) haha.
    Well thanks for popping in again even though you’re one busy mama of 5.
    Oh there is so much I could tell you about ONE LIFE AT A TIME. But I will say that using this blog to my advantage to get people to help on this project was AMAZING. It was such a huge success and you would die at the amount of clothes, suitcases, EVERYTHING we received to send down there for these pre-missionaries. I’m not going to lie, I was very glad it was over b/c it was a lot of work- but obviously well worth it. One year we did fleece blankets for almost 100 orphans at a local orphanage down there. YOu would cry at the conditions. So basically, every year we try to get different wards and people involved to help out and like you said-it’s just a great opportunity to teach our kids to serve. My dad said that we ENDLESSLY need nice missionary clothes. (which i will tell you what that entails via email or phone) to send down there, even more this year!! So either stay tuned for another post in a few months (if I can hopefully be in a place to be able to do it again) OR, if YOUR FAMILY wants to do something great for it, CALL ME or EMAIL ME. It could be a great family night for you guys. (or more of a long process if you let it be and your kids do flyers or whatever to help neighbors or friends get involved). Let me know what else you want to know about it! I’LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO SHARE!!

  14. Shawni,

    I am a friend of Heather Porter. I found your blogsite through hers. I am very interested in starting my own small scale photo company, but would love to talk to you about how you do yours. If you have some time to talk to me (via e-mail is fine), I’d appreciate it.

    My address is jeanallen1221@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!
    Jean Allen

  15. man i wish i got this many comments on my blog. i mean i take my engagement shots on my own with a self timer and all, then i get one comment. you are the best shawn. if you need a marketing director or a secretary for your photo company, i could be your man. love ya.

  16. I blog about all my fun experiences with Joy School all the time and a friend (Sara Packham Joyner) told me about your blog. I do a little photography too and I quickly noticed all of your beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing. I hope you don’t mind. You are such a great writer too and I love reading your takes on motherhood. I am living in Cambridge, MA while my husband goes to school. Just wanted to let you know that you’re an inspiration:).

  17. You have such talent! I loved all your shoots, but the one that captured the moment best was the one of your cute kiddos on their bike. You can just see the happiness in their faces. It was perfect. So fun that you are the Mom who froze that wonderful moment in time.

    It sounds like all this photography keeps you SO busy. I can see why. Your pictures speak for themselves. I don’t know how you do a side job on top of being a mom to 5. I can barely keep my floor swept. Thanks for showing me I can do even more than I think I am capable of!

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