I got to come home from Utah after Christmas and photograph these newborn twins. Now if that’s not a lucky thing to help get back into the grind of every day life then I don’t know what is. These girls live right down the street so I get to go snuggle them up whenever I can sneak a minute.

And then there was this family with this cutest little girl who had four big brothers. She totally knew how to ham it up and those brothers sure did adore her.

And I love when I get to take pictures of good friends. I love these kids even though I never get to see them. It was so fun to catch up with their little personalities while I was shooting. I love that they are so sweet to each other. You can really feel the love that they share together. I’m almost done with these, Melis.

And then I got to take pictures of my other good friends who just adopted a baby. I have never seen a Dad (and whole family for that matter) more excited about a newborn…with good reason. They waited so long for this cute little guy. I’m SO happy for them.And then there’s my great in-laws. Man I can’t believe how cute these kids are…and do those parents look like they could have six kids?And these last few are from my last photoshoot before Christmas. This little girl was killing me with her golden curls.

And then there’s this really cute little scraggly-haired girl…oh wait, that’s my girl.

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  1. Shawni, love these photos! The twins are so yummy and so is this little curly top girl. Reminds me of Shirley Temple a bit. Beautiful family pictures also. And of course Claire… so photogenic!

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