2012-07-31 Thailand 58991When Dave and I decided we were going to make India happen, (all the India posts are back here), Dave made sure that as long as we were going to be on the other side of the planet, we may as well stop-over somewhere he’s always wanted to go en route back home: Phuket, Thailand. There wasn’t a chance in Heaven I was going to say no to that great idea. I mean, I wouldn’t turn down a chance to travel if my life depended on it, especially if it involves Thai food (my very favorite food in the whole wide world).2012-07-31 Thailand 58912 Plus it didn’t hurt that our friends who were going with us had a fascination with Thailand too.  There was a point in making our crazy reservations that we considered traveling home through London instead (I mean, the Olympics were kind of calling, and we found a steal of a deal on that), but Thailand ruled out in the end and I’m so glad.2012-07-31 Thailand 58929 It turned out to be the perfect ending for our India trip.  Those last couple days in India were kind of heavy to take in (more thoughts on that back here) and it was so nice to have a chance to unwind a little bit.  Although it’s true we were leaving a chunk of our hearts in India, were giddy for our another new adventure as we boarded that plane… …and when we arrived at this amazing place:2012-07-30 Thailand 58768 I have to give a shout-out for our hotel (the J.W. Marriott…go here for their Facebook link to “like” them if you do) because not only was it an exceptional deal (so different from pricing in the states), they took such great care of us.  I mean, check out how happy Elle was even just to get that beautiful lei they gave us upon arrival around her neck: 2012-07-30 Thailand 58769 (I thought the light was beautiful there.)2012-07-30 Thailand 58772 Everywhere you looked just took your breath away.2012-07 Phuket3 We settled in a little bit and took off to hike to the closest waterfall.2012-07-31 Thailand 58777 Which, of course, the boys had to figure out a way to jump into…2012-07-31 Thailand 587932012-07-31 Thailand 58810 The vegetation was so green.2012-07-Phuket2012-07-31 Thailand 58814 After that we drove around the whole place to explore and to try to see the sunset over the ocean (which we sadly missed) but we did find a great Thai restaurant.2012-07-31 Thailand 58817Mmmmm, good stuff. The next morning we had scheduled a boat ride to the Phi Phi Islands which we had heard were incredible.  But the guy our friend had booked the reservation through emailed to cancel.  In his professional opinion the wave swells were much too high.  The hotel offered a similar excursion and assured us the waves wouldn’t be a problem.  …which conflicted sharply with the email from the other boat company that said the last time waves were that big and tourists had tried to brave them where we were going, three boats capsized and eight tourists died. Very comforting, yes? After some deliberation we decided to trust the hotel (I think their boats were bigger which they told us made the difference).  So off we went.  The kids were incredibly delighted with the waves (although they don’t really show it in this picture).  2012-07-31 Thailand 58823Maybe that was because I took it before the big ones.  By the time we hit those suckers I didn’t dare take out my camera let alone let go of my vice-grip on Dave’s hand…call me a scaredy-cat, but I was scared to death after the “death email” we had received.  It was like the best roller coaster you could imagine but with visions of capsizing boats at the end of the ride.  But we had an amazing boat driver.  You could just tell he knew exactly what he was doing with the way he maneuvered his way through those canyons of waves which eased my visions of death a little bit.  First stop was “Monkey Island” where we got to watch these guys for a while:2012-07-31 Thailand 588342012-07-31 Thailand 58844 And take in these views:2012-07-31 Thailand 58855(This was in a bay area guarded from the wind and waves so it was much more calm.) That’s where Max chose to have his first soda after a whole year of soda-free living.  (He and Dave had made a year-deal on that one and it happened to end that day.)  2012-07-31 Thailand 58865He was totally not very excited about that, can you tell? We were in awe of these breathtaking views.2012-07-31 Thailand 588922012-07-31 Thailand 588942012-07-31 Thailand 589102012-07-31 Thailand 588292012-07-31 Thailand 58912 We got to get out and snorkel for a little bit.2012-07-31 Thailand 589162012-07-31 Thailand 589172012-07-31 Thailand 588602012-07-31 Thailand 58824 Our boat driver was so good that he got us in to Maya Bay.2012-07-31 Thailand 58926 This place is apparently usually so flooded with tourists it’s like a cattle call getting the boats through, but that day only our boat and these seasoned fishing boats made it in.2012-07-31 Thailand 58929I think the fishing boats actually stay there. It was awesome.2012-07-31 Thailand 58940 This is where they filmed a movie called “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio (which looks like a horrible movie to me from that trailer but it must be pretty beautiful if it was filmed here):2012-07-31 Thailand 589482012-07-31 Thailand 589712012-07-31 Thailand 589652012-07-31 Thailand 58992 We had one more stop where we ate lunch:2012-07-31 Thailand 590062012-07-31 Thailand 59009 …and snorkeled some more.2012-08-01 Thailand 590122012-08-01 Thailand 590232012-08-01 Thailand 590322012-08-01 Thailand 59039 Have I mentioned that these guys love being in pictures?2012-08-01 Thailand 59083(just in case you can’t tell by their faces…) But we had to do our traditional jumping picture.2012-08-01 Thailand 59099 …before we headed back on the huge waves again.  We were drenched in what coule have just as well been pouring rain from the huge swells by the time we got back to the dock.2012-08-01 Thailand 59020Yeah, we made the right choice on taking that boat trip 🙂 It was an adventure we’ll never forget.2012-08-01 Thailand 59115 We got back to the hotel…2012-08-01 Thailand 59120 …just in time to race to the water to enjoy the last lingering color of the setting sun.2012-08-01 Thailand 591242012-08-01 Thailand 591212012-08-01 Thailand 591232012-08-01 Thailand 591302012-08-01 Thailand 591432012-08-01 Thailand 59150 It was a gorgeous night.2012-08-01 Thailand 591552012-08-01 Thailand 591612012-08-01 Thailand 59163 The next day we were ready for some down-time.2012-08-02 Thailand 591702012-08-01 Phuket 60080They had the cutest little baby elephants wandering around the hotel (have I mentioned that I LOVED this hotel?).2012-08-01 Phuket 60081 This one took a liking to Dave.2012-08-01 Phuket 60084Seriously, check out that hairy little sweetie. We enjoyed these elephants too…2012-08-01 Phuket 60091 And I decided I want to paint one of the walls in our house like this:2012-08-01 Phuket 60094Isn’t that awesome?2012-08-01 Phuket 600962012-08-01 Phuket 601032012-08-01 Phuket 60106 I made a shell collection for the little girls back home while the other kids tried to catch waves.2012-08-01 Phuket 601142012-08-01 Phuket 60116 Max was dying to find some good real surfing waves so he and Dave took off while the Daltons, Elle and I headed to our much anticipated Thai cooking class:2012-08-02 Thailand 59178I’ve always wanted to do this and Elle was a pretty fun cooking partner although she still turns her nose up just a little bit at Thai food. Her hands were speedy quick crushing that coriander seed.2012-08-02 Thailand 591802012-08-02 Thailand 591872012-08-02 Thailand 591912012-08-02 Thailand 59195 Oh man, wouldn’t it be dreamy to have a place to cook Thai food in every day like this:2012-08-02 Thailand 59201 …with this awesome chef leading the way:2012-08-02 Thailand 59196 …and with that cool cutting board that I was coveting:2012-08-02 Thailand 591972012-08-02 Thailand 59210I even decided I liked shrimp right then and there.  Who wouldn’t when it’s swimming in coconut milk? Love the Daltons. We’ll have many a Thai cooking night when we finally move in across the street from these guys some day:)2012-08-02 Thailand 59214 We got done in time to meet up with Max and Dave (after their unsuccessful surfing scavenger hung), and catch the last of the lingering sunset once again.2012-08-02 Thailand 592292012-08-02 Thailand 592312012-08-02 Thailand 59235 I couldn’t get enough of the beauty of those waves.2012-07 Phuket2 Neither could Max and Taylor.2012-08-02 Thailand 592272012-08-02 Thailand 59041 Body surfing over and over and over again.2012-08-02 Thailand 590422012-08-02 Thailand 590432012-08-02 Thailand 590462012-08-02 Thailand 590612012-08-02 Thailand 590632012-08-02 Thailand 59069 We stayed ‘til the last drop of light slid gently, quietly from the horizon.2012-08-02 Thailand 590752012-08-02 Thailand 59081 Then we indulged in some good old American dessert at Swenson’s.2012-08-01 Phuket 60125 The boys kinda liked the “volcano,” can you tell?2012-08-01 Phuket 60126 As I’ve said before, it was the trip of a lifetime.  We hit ten different airports in ten days and never had a flight or delay problem, and never lost a bag.  The kids surpassed our wildest expectations in expanding their hearts for those kids there and we bonded like never before.  It was hard and emotional and exhilarating all wrapped up together in a package that has changed each of us for the better.  It was a long time in the making (and a long time in the savings too), but worth all the wait a million times over. At some point in the future we plan do a big-time service trip with Grace, Claire and Lucy too, but I have to say this trip is going to be rough to match.  We better get going on the hunt (and savings:).

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  1. I think I have a new 'places i want to go'. That really looks like Heaven on Earth. How gorgeous!. I would love to have taken a Thai cooking class too!!

    max, one whole year without a soda? I take my hat off to you. I made a goal of no more than one diet coke per week.. it's about killing me!!!!ahahh

    Elle, you are such a doll.

  2. hi there…I'm not sure if I've ever commented before..but Thailand is right up there for us! We just moved our family of 6 from Boston to Paris for 3 years and we are really looking forward to the travel we'll be able to do. But Thailand! I think I NEED to get there. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow Shawni. What an amazing adventure. Just unbelievable how gorgeous your trip was. I love the wall you want to do in your home. So exquisite.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing!!! Was your whole trip 10 days? How long were you at Rising Star? Do they let you come for any number of days? Thanks for sharing thus awesome adventure!

  5. I loved this post! My husband has always wanted to go to Thailand, and after reading your post it makes me that much more excited to someday go. What amazing pictures.

  6. Those pictures are all so incredible! It looks like an amazing place to visit (that water is what I dream about in vacation!) And your entire family has the most beautiful happy faces ever.

  7. Wow Shawni! That looks like the perfect ending to your India trip for sure. I have yet to travel much, though I definitely have the bug too. I am so glad you shared these trips as you have inspired me to one day take my children to do a service trip like yours.

  8. The baby elephants just sold me on Phucket…trying to figure out when I can make the trip!

    Glad you shared about your adventure (here and in India!)

  9. Thankyou for sharing through pictures all the beautiful places you go. So many of us will never get the chance to experience them, but through your pictures we get a taste of being there ourselves. Thanks!

  10. Shawni, very cool. I'm so glad you shared it with us. I'm adding some dreams to the ones I already have for my family–I'm so inspired by you guys. (p.s. Hope you're doing well! 😉 )

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