Ok, so now I need to sum up the last part of Christmas break.

Because it is now the middle of January.

And because it was awesome. Before Christmas=kinda crazy. After Christmas=no schedule.

Oh how I love having no schedules and staying up late and not having to get up when it’s still pitch-dark outside.

(Although I must admit that our new schedule is invigorating…but only after going through sugar detox and feeling like we got hit by a mac truck when we woke up for scriptures the first couple days.)

We thoroughly enjoyed the lazy days after Christmas.

First of all we skied. I wrote all about that back here.

Then we came home to a couple cousins in town from Utah so we soaked them up along with all the other cousins who live here as much as humanly possible.

Gotta love these poses.
Dave’s sister started a new tradition of taking the girls out to lunch.
They adored feeling so special and had such a fun time.

We (along with the whole neighborhood over and over and over again) made non-stop “snowies” with the kids’ favorite Christmas gift:
We enjoyed “Fall” like nobody’s business. (Fall comes in December here)

Unlike Fall that comes late, Winter never shows up here in the desert…unless you have an awesome brother who brings over “fake snow” for the kids to fill their little hearts with wonder:

Yeah, that pretty much was a hit.

We went on our annual Nana & Papa hosted ice skating outing that I can’t get the pictures to download from…I”ll have to add those later.

Lucy’s Christmas unicorn bit the dust after being colored by all the cousins for an extended period of time.
It sure served it’s purpose well 🙂

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  1. Hi shawni :-)….I'm dreading cutting the children back on all things sugary, the Mac truck feeling sounds all too familiar, from last christmas…..but I know it's time when one of my little people asked for sugar in their milo…. :-0..

  2. Yeah–we got hit by a Mac truck when school and early-morning Seminary started again, too. I seriously wonder how I make it through the endless days!

    Love the pictures! I didn't even know you guys had a fall there. Cool!

  3. P.S. About the sugar thing: I had my five-year-old in for a teeth cleaning today. Well, he has a few cavities. He said to the dentist "It is because I eat candy in my bed!". What?? Oops–I'll have to watch him more closely I guess!

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