Ok I know: it’s time to move on to Christmas and all that hoopla. It is December 10th after all. Let’s get onto all those glowing lights and peaceful pondering of the season business because it’s practically here for crying out loud (the prep for which by the way, as well as the “peaceful” part is not going well over here just yet, but that’s a story for another day).

For today let’s forget that for a minute and do what Dave and I like to call a “post-party wrap-up” after something big happens.

Because some big things happened.

And the day after those days filled with all the commotion (last posts), we got to relax and really enjoy Carson’s family and those left from our other extended families who were still around.

These friends (as well as a bunch of other married cousins) hung out late into the night catching up:

And some of us sat around the fire to bask in togetherness:

These girls found a spot on some couches to spend the night before they headed out bright and early the next day:

(it was so fun having them around)

We played Kind of the Court with Dave’s family, which has kind of become a tradition and I love it.

(wish I had a video of all the whooping and cheering and laughing that this crew brings to something like this as they get all their competitive juices flowing)

Love what these two have created and that I get to be a part of it:

Then back home to the remaining house-guests:

I did like 54 loads of laundry (including trying to get wax off of tablecloths with my sister Saren), filling up and emptying the dishwasher over and over again, and got to hang with Carson’s family which we loved. They came over to swim and play pickleball…

…and everyone was in and out of the hot tub and sitting around the fire outside:

Then another big game of “One and Done” with all of them…

…which ended with the consequence of “Cake in the Face” (the remaining part of the wedding cake, ha!).

Claire got to sneak out to the ASU game:

The big kids played late-night games:

This is how we all were feeling a little bit of:

Sunday morning was the first day we had all our kids together, just the eight of us (minus Grace).

We made a big breakfast and started Dave’s bday celebration together before we broke up to send Max and Abby on their way back up to Utah and head to church together.

(a tunnel for Dave’s pre birthday)

Loved having my mom and Elle in Relief Society with me, and loved gathering with them all around that Sunday table, Josh too, basking in the last of the visitors:

Phew! It was such a good Thanksgiving week. SO SO grateful for all everyone did to help out with all the cooking and cleaning and logistics, for cramming in places to sleep and for being so supportive and putting up with my grumpy fogginess from time to time. Ha!

A good way to wrap up Thanksgiving, all chock full of thankfulness.

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  1. Another impossible thing…accomplished! Can’t believe you managed to document it, even as you lived it. That was a LOT! Love you forever!

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