Well, this is usually a “post school” deal, but this year it was a “pre school” deal because we barely got to it by the skin of our teeth before school started.

We figured we better get rid of the old before we introduced the new.

I love our “keepsakes” school files.

And I praise my friend Nichole (who gave me the idea years ago) every time we pull these things out.

There’s a hanging file folder for each year they’re in school from elementary to high school.

Not only do I love having a place to put the important/sentimental things, but I love having a chance to go through the kids’ stacks of stuff with them.

And they love exploring and reminiscing their old stuff when we pull them out each year.

It’s a total win/win I tell you.

I try to set a “date” with each one of them to go through their stuff.

I love the creativity I see coming through their work.  The majority of the stuff goes in the trash, but I like taking pictures of some of it first.

 And honing in on all the cool stuff they learned over the year.

Elle and Lu got to have a “double date” this year.

It’s a good thing we went school shopping for pants after this…

Each year I have to take a little photoshoot of Elle’s main binder because it never ceases to amaze me just how “used” those things get.

Let’s look a little closer:


My favorite thing I found in those treasures (aside from note after note from and to friends…I love to read those), was this little gem that has a new spot on my nightstand:

Let’s take a closer look at that thing:

It’s from Elle’s English class and within it’s pages lie beautiful quotes.

And each quote is “interpreted” by my daughter.

I keep it at my bedside and try to read one each night.  They are so inspiring.

I think some are extra poignant with our little adventure coming up tomorrow:

See why I keep that by my bedside?

But back to the filing system…

The only problem with this hanging file dealio is Lucy.

You see, she just barely made it to second grade and her file is pretty much filled up.

With all that artwork of hers, we just may need two of those puppies.
On to a new year of “treasures” to add.
I have a feeling this year may need an extending folder…


  1. I thought of a quote this morning that doesn't really have anything to do with this post but more about your upcoming move. My family and I have moved several times during my kids' school years and I use this with them.

    "The bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn!"

    Good luck on your upcoming adventures!

  2. We do the same system for my 4 (well, 3 now, but 4 when she starts school).

    I did a double take on Elle's quotes – I was like "Richard Weber – from Grey's Anatomy?" Yes it is! I remember that episode!

  3. About the upcoming move.. I'm curious to know all the little details. Like: what you're bringing along, what you're leaving behind, how long ago did you tell your kids, how do you know the young couple who will be living in your home, why would your kids not qualify for sports here if they play there, how does the school system work in china,,, you know, all the "important" stuff! But really I am just super curious about it all and super jealous so I'm living through you :):) ps please find a way to blog over there.. I read this thing daily!!

  4. Wishing you safe travels, exciting adventures, and family togetherness…nothing like stripping away it all to cement that family bond at its core…enjoy!! Hoping we all can live vicariously through your blog!

  5. My parents have lived in China for the last 2 years. They live in Suzhou which isn't far from Shanghai. We visited them last year and loved it. And my parents absouletly love it there. They keep saying if their family was with them they would stay there forever! I'm sure your family will love it! My husband keeps trying to talk us into going but we have 2 year old twins and it just wasn't right for us. Maybe you'll see my parents at the church conferences they have. I think they meet with the wards in Shanghai.

  6. Oh and if you have any questions about anything let me know cause they go to Shanghai all the time. They know all the awesome shopping spots! I bought 14 pairs of shoes when I was there. You can get awesome stuff there.

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