Welp, school is out again today.  The plan was for it to be on again as of yesterday mid morning, and by early evening they called it back off again.  So I have a pool full of kids and Max arrived home at 3:00 am (he’s in town for a friend’s wedding this weekend) and here I am at 12:30 just getting to what I was going to post yesterday morning.

I haven’t gotten much done this week as far as work or emails or blog posts, but I felt at least I had done a good job looking in my childrens’ eyes and “being there” with them while they’ve been home.
Except that en route to the orthodontist yesterday Claire let me know that she feels like I’m on my phone too much.  And Lucy jumped right in that Claire was absolutely right.  Hmmmm.  What do I do with that?  I’ve been working on that quite a bit lately, but obviously I’ve got some work to do!
We gathered with some remarkable mothers here on Tuesday night…had the best discussion about technology as we discussed the book we ready (HERE), and tried to come up with solutions.  Of course, no two families will come up with the exact same solutions, but I think it was really helpful to talk out so many things and know that there are like-minded mothers who want to work on the same things and realize we’re all in this together. 

I don’t have time to write out all my thoughts today, but for now I quickly took some pictures of some of my favorite passages from the book to share.  They are unedited and a little blurry but I don’t think you’ll be sorry to browse through them anyway 🙂

 (that one above was one of the most powerful thoughts for me…)

I could do a whole blog post about each one of those pages, I have so many thoughts on each.  And I have actually held back on three of them that I will post about in the next few weeks, but there’s some food for thought for the day!
For now I’m off to work on my “visceral, real connections…in this fleeting, temporary, and infinitely beautiful and worthwhile life” I have been blessed with.

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  1. Absolutely excellent sections of the book. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and read it. So much pertains to us as adults and parents and our technology use, our wasting of time in our life on scrolling through other people's lives, and our not keeping our head out of the technological advances. I always swore I would NEVER read a book on a Kindle or tablet. I love the smell of a real book, the feel of a book in my hand. Guess what? I finally gave in. There was the FREE kindle edition so I read that book instead of waiting to buy it or get it at the library. If we as adults give in, then how do we make sure our children stay strong and not give in to technology (or even other things). No one ever said parenting was easy thats for sure. Just that its worth it!

  2. I know this sounds counter-productive, but I started following a guy on instagram named Colin Kartchner and he campaigns for far less or zero social media for young teens, and advocates up and down for us all to put down our phones and LIVE. I only followed him for about 2 weeks then I deleted instagram from my phone. I have been saying for a few years now that phone use will peak and hopefully decline, kind of like fast food or TV dinners. "Hey! We can eat in front of the TV!" Yeah, we CAN. But SHOULD we? "HEY! I can check email while at my kids' soccer game!" Yeah, we CAN, but should we? I kind of thought we would find out that there can be too much of a new and exciting thing. I'm on board to make changes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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