I love this message. It’s part of my lesson for my Young Women today. If every teenager could understand how much they are loved by God, and recognize their potential to truly be “swans,” how wonderful their lives would be. How wonderful ALL our lives would be for that matter, if we can just remember, especially in the midst of the tough stuff, that we are sons and daughters of a God who loves us so dearly and wants to guide us through.


  1. Shawni… I have a child that is struggling with self esteem issues. If only they could see themselves through the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for your comments on Potential. I really needed to hear that today. You are an answer to a prayer.

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog from your "I'm a Mormon" post. I can already tell that following your blog is going to enrich my life. I hope you don't mind?
    Thanks for sharing and uplifting a complete stranger. I guess that's what this Gospel is all about!

  3. On Sundays my husband and I try to catch up with all the "I am Mormon" messages, and I was so inspired by your family! You remind me a lot of my seminary teacher. She was just so much fun, and she was so sweet. I never met you and I'm sure I never will, but I'm so glad to have been raised in this gospel and have wonderful sisters who serve, and put their families first. Thank you so much for your example.


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