We do gingerbread houses each year before Christmas.

It’s fun for all of us, but I must say that the person who loves it most is our candy-holic:
In her book, the more candy you can stick on there any which-way, the better. Just drench that gingerbread in the sugary goodness.
This year we did our decorating with the cousins. If you can believe it the picture above only comprises half of the 26 kids filling up our house for the big event.

We ended up with some pretty good creations.

Also before Christmas the girls got to take part in one of their very favorite past-times: Ice Skating.

And our other girl took part in one of her own favorite past-times:Why, oh why, does she love this so darn much? And why, may I ask, was Santa crazy enough to fill her stocking with MORE of those “washable” markers (that actually stay on her body after thorough scrubbing). Hmmmm. I think Santa and I need to have a little chat….
And of course, we couldn’t miss out on going to see the temple lights with some of our favorite friends.

With that, we were ready for the big day…

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  1. What a lot of fun! I just laughed so hard when I saw all that candy on the Grace family gingerbread house! Also love those purple hands. I don't know know about those crazy stickers. Thank goodness they've been discovered since our kids grew out of them!

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