We didn’t get all our kids home for Christmas at the same time.

Abby’s family had big plans this year that took those two away (and I’m so glad they got to go, but I’m still getting used to this sharing kids deal!).

Luckily we got them the weekend before Christmas and we ate that right up.

We started out at Claire’s first volleyball tournament, of course, since we are full-on into all that club volleyball hoopla right about now.

I have so much more to say about that at some point soon, but for now I’ll just say she is having the time of her life on this new team. And these girls are GOOD I tell you!

Loved driving through our on-the-cusp-of-fall neighborhood:

We also went to hot yoga:

Yeah, that’s a whole lotta sweat right there.

Dave has taken a dive into this hot yoga business and since he’s loving it so much, so we all wanted to give it a try. We were all drenched in pools of sweat, seriously pretty gross if you ask me, but I have to admit it felt pretty great and rejuvenating for my body and we were all cracking up at how much we were dripping when we left. Pretty embarrassing coming home to where they were hosting a wedding/merging into the reception at our house and trying to get through the crowds of beautifully dressed people dripping sweat along the way. Ha!

We joined with my brother Josh and went to dinner and went to see Spiderman. I haven’t been to a packed movie theater in forever and it felt good. I loved that row of people I love lit up by the screen and loved the funny conversations we had before and after. Claire is seriously pretty hilarious. I cannot believe I get to be related to all these people I love so very much.

Gotta love that impromptu hand holding on the way back to the car.

On Sunday we had a special breakfast, church, and came home to have a little family meeting followed by “pre-Christmas” with Max and Abby (to give them their gifts since they won’t be around for Christmas).

Nana and Papa hosted their traditional talent/story night after that, love all those cousins so much!

Then home to hot-tub-talk before we had to split up in the morning.

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