Let’s go back in time just a few years. Because I feel compelled to repost some Mother’s Day thoughts that made me tear up this morning.

Especially Lucy’s little solo.

How can it possibly be that this was only a few years ago??? (original post is back HERE, and goes on to include more thoughts about my own dear mother). But I’m echoing these exact thoughts below in my heart today so I wanted to share.

Here you go:

As a little addendum to my post about last weekend (back HERE), despite being on a little “fast” from technology on Sunday (along with some other moms from our tech-wise mom group last week…someone challenged us to try it because it talked about the value of doing that every now and again in the book we read), thank Heavens I still had my phone in my Sunday bag and was able to whip it out to record part of a song the primary was practicing for Mother’s Day.  Lucy has a solo in it and my friend and I were sitting there in the pews with tears spilling out of our eyes watching those kids sing.

Here’s Lucy’s part:

And here’s the rest after that:

Is that not the sweetest thing? I’m going to bawl my eyes out when they sing it on Sunday. Maybe because I need to know that what I’m doing is “enough.” Boy, mothering gets even more interesting with older kids, because you still need to mother, but in such a different, shifting way. And then teenage years are interesting and budding teenagers are even more interesting and motherhood just has to shift and meld and heave and pull and lead with just the right amount of pushing.

Sometimes I get it right. And much more often I don’t, dang it, but I sure am trying!

I sat there watching those kids sing their hearts out feeling so emotional with gratitude for motherhood, every bit of it. At one point one kid tossed a shoe off the stage, and then that little boy to the right of the microphone pulled out one of those tissues next to him, did a dramatic wipe of his nose, and then put the tissue right back in that box. And something about those things mixed with all those kids swaying to the spirit of that music just welled up something deep and spongy inside. Made me think of those “motherhood muscles” I talked about back HERE, and how each of those children up on that stage, each with their own individual challenges and circumstances, is blessed by a mother who adores them and prays for them and wants so much to nurture them in a way that will raise them to be confident and contributing and happy adults.

Motherhood is such an exceptionally difficult and rewarding job, and sitting there on that bench with tears in my eyes I felt such a beautiful love for it. The good parts and the bad parts all mixed together.

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  1. Oh wow, this made me cry too! I have never seen that sweet little solo by Lucy (and those of her cute friends). So adorable!

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