It was prom night on Saturday night.

The helpers-to-get-ready:

I wish I had a “before” and “after” pic of this kid…he had a straggly mustache and beard and super long shaggy hair a couple hours before.

Max doubled with his varsity volleyball team this time around.

It was fun to take pictures and get to know them better.
(Have I mentioned how much fun volleyball is this year?  Just wondering…)

Max’s date(s):

Elle claimed she didn’t care she wasn’t old enough, but I’m sure deep down she wished she was right there dressed up like a princess like the rest of them.  (we don’t date ’til we’re 16)
Here’s Max’s darling date:
It was a “Great Gatsy” theme so some of the girls had such awesome dresses to go with that.

Whenever I see cool up-do’s it reminds me I sure wish I would have thought to do something fancy like that for my wedding instead of whipping up part of my straight hair in a barrette and plopping on a comb-wedding-veil thingy.

The boys:

 Yes, that peach suit is for real 🙂

The girls:

The whole group:

A little more snuggled in:

Let’s check out that peach suit…


 Gotta have the sis in a couple:

 Poor kids…I couldn’t stop cause the light was so darn pretty!

I don’t think they minded too much though…

My question of the night was, how in the world did my baby boy turn into this towering giant I love so much?  

I am a lucky mamma.


  1. Oh this post seriously made me cry, simply because I can just imagine my little Mr 4 as a big towering giant going to his own high school formal ( the Aussie word for prom) in what feels like 'just a blink of an eye' too! 🙂 The years really seem to be flying by and they do grow up so quickly don't they? I very rarely comment but I really love your blog, thank you for sharing your beautiful moments with us all xx

  2. I love when you do theo formal posts. So fun to see all the dresses and hair and everything really. And totally off topic, you always have the best clothes. Do you have a favorite place to shop?

  3. is not dating till 16 just your family thing or is it a mormon thing? At my school elle would not have been able to go to prom anyway because prom is only for junior and seniors.

  4. Max's date is beautiful, and I absolutely love her dress. My favorite dress in the group. The last picture of the two of you is so cute.

  5. Would you happen to know where these girls get their dresses? Particularly the blue one with the silver tie and sparkles, and the white one with the brown belt? Because they are gorgeous, and it's so hard to find cute, modest dresses! Thanks!

  6. I was wondering about the blue dress as well. My 17 year old and I cannot find a cute prom dress with sleeves to save our lives. We would love to know where that one came from.

  7. I too would love to know where these girls got their dresses from. Even though we are all the way from Ohio we'd still like to know since modesty is important to my daughter. Please let me know, thanks!

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