As I mentioned back HERE, Grace went to prom.
The last of her high school career.
And she got to go with this cute kid who she’s grown up with since before kindergarten:

And she had the best time.

Here they are as practically babies:

(Should have had them rein-act that pose, dang it! Ha!)

Here’s how he asked her:

And here’s how she responded:

Let’s get a better look at that:

There we go 🙂
Even though it’s the third time this has happened in this family, it’s still tough for me to fathom that kids can go so quickly from this:

To this:

But they do. 
Here are the girls in her group:

The whole group:

Best friends:

Other best friends:

These ones too :

Oh I sure loved watching all those kids glow in togetherness as they prepared fo the big night.

Back when I was in high school we would listen to Forever Young and bawl our eyes out as our graduation day approached.

I remember driving up the canyon, a car full of my best friends after all the graduation festivities were over.  The sun was rising and we had that song blasting on the radio, tears streaming down our cheeks.

So it was extra sentimental to get these videos from the night:

Yep, they’re feeling it just how that car full of my friends and I did all those years ago.  Except I think probably a little more sweaty:)

Why do such good things have to end??

But let’s wait for a little to mourn about that.

For now, let’s check out this “after” picture from the dance:

Yep, looks like they had a good time!


  1. I love their dresses! Prom here is very formal, which is fun too, but everyone looks very spring-y here. 🙂

    My oldest is a freshman this year, and as all the seniors in her various activities are honored in end-of-year banquets and award ceremonies, I get more and more nervous!

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