Welp, this weekend was one for the record books for us around here.

And my heart is so jumbled with all that I want to remember from the big things going on, mostly with our senior Claire (with the other girls mixed in too).

Let’s go ahead and start with prom:

But before we dive in to that, we need to back up to a couple hours earlier when Claire was neck-deep in Nationals for volleyball.

Yep, Nationals happened to be the same weekend as prom. And also happened to be right in our big city.

When Claire signed up for club volleyball she was prepared to forgo prom this year because generally it is out of state. So she was over the moon when they announced it would be right here in our neck of the woods, which meant she could do both…

…or so she hoped.

When they announced they would have a crossover-play that afternoon she got pretty worried, and at one point it looked like we could have a match at 7:00pm that night. BUT, that’s a post for another day when I download all the Nationals jazz (because there is a LOT).

For now I’ll just say that it was tricky timing, but spoiler alert: IT WORKED OUT!

(Ok, she’s not cheering about prom up there, but it seemed to fit:)

And Claire was able to get home lickety split after the crossover match and have her own personal “special assistant” help whip her into “prom ready.”

Grace is the BEST!

This had us all cracking up when Grace realized Claire’s toenails desperately needed some TLC right before her date came to pick her up:

(She was painting them.)

And then she was ready:

Her cute date came to pick her up:

The moms in charge of pictures asked if I’d come help.

Heaven knows they needed some help since there were FIFTY-FOUR people in their group.

Yikes! They didn’t want to leave anyone out and I loved that.

The girls:

A smaller group:

The big group when more couples showed up:

They had dinner over at someone’s house who it looks like set it up so nice!

(Claire’s date’s mom was nice enough to send over these pictures.)

Then they went to dance their hearts out…someone sent me the high school instagram post that showed some of the action HERE…scroll to the third video to see Claire in all her dance action glory…Ha!

Then they had some other fun activities after….

…Claire was glowing telling us all about that fun night yesterday morning when we were all less bleary to hear all the details.

Gosh we’re going to sure miss these times!

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  1. Claire looked darling! Loved her dress. And that ice cream cart picture!! Any slight chance you know where they bought it??

  2. Can I ask a question, and it’s in no way meant to be offensive. I live in the south and prom seems much more formal here, especially for girls dresses. They are usually ballgown or very formal. I’ve noticed Utah and other heavy populated LDS areas seem to Keep dresses Much more simple. Is that an area thing? Lds thing?
    Claire looked breathtaking.

    1. I do think it depends on the area. My high school was super casual, so I feel like these dresses are super formal! But compared to yours it sounds like not as fancy. I don’t think it’s an LDS thing, just depends on the styles at your high school in your area.
      Thank you!

  3. Claire looks AMAZING!!! Practically perfect in every way! LOVE that Grace was helping her get ready! She did a great job making Claire look like a Hollywood star! 🌟 πŸ’›πŸŒŸπŸ’›

  4. Claire looks stunning! The color dress was a perfect choice! My daughter is a high school junior… would love for you to write about how your kiddos always have and maintain their friendships!! My daughter grew up in Dubai, Bucharest, and Kuala Lumpur and had so many friends, but after moving back to a small town in the USA has really struggled :((… anyway, sorry I got off subject!!! So happy for her!!! πŸ’œ

    1. She got to grow up partly in Bucharest???? Lucky girl! I want to hear more about that (my mission :). I bet it’s such a big change to be in the US after all those places! She has just had some pretty incredible experiences and I bet it’s hard to find people who can relate to that. But give her time, and cross your fingers she will always keep parts of those amazing adventures living all over running through her heart. She will bless many lives by sharing those experiences. I think we are lucky here because there are so many kids who are so social, but your daughter has had lots of experience in new situations, I bet with time she will figure it all out. Sending love to you both!

  5. That color was perfect for her. All the girls looked lovely. It looks like they had an amazing night. πŸ™‚

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