There are a whole slew of cons to living in the desert.  2012-11-24 fall 65553 I mean, it isn’t fun to feel like your lungs are melting when you get in your car on a 115 degree day. And I must admit 110 degrees in October gets to feel really old. But man, there are some serious pros to cancel those puppies out. One of my favorite “pros” is that the day after Thanksgiving you can have a swim party with your extended family:2012-11-23 Fall 65275 …And the day after that, you can leave your not-such-a-hot-hiker-six-year-old with the best babysitter ever and take your other four ragamuffins on a beauty-hike.2012-11-24 iPhone 651882012-11-24 iPhone 651902012-11-24 iPhone 651942012-11-24 iPhone 651962012-11-24 iPhone 651972012-11-24 iPhone 65200 2012-11-24 iPhone 652062012-11-24 fall 655202012-11-24 fall 655242012-11-24 fall 655272012-11-24 fall 655342012-11-24 fall 655462012-11-24 fall 655482012-11-24 fall 655562012-11-24 iPhone 652082012-11-24 iPhone 652092012-11-24 iPhone 652122012-11-24 iPhone 652162012-11-24 iPhone 652172012-11-24 iPhone 65219 That can be followed by family games at your Dad’s office.2012-11-24 iPhone 65224 …and an awesome pizza party with friends in their own back-yard pizza oven…2012-11-24 fall 65558 …followed by an art-extravaganza.2012-11-24 iPhone 65233 Yeah, there are definitely some perks to living in this hot place.  Oh man do I ever love this winter weather.

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  1. "winter weather" indeed! I love living here in the valley. I mean, high temps in the 77-81 range are fine by me!

    also, i'm pretty sure your pizza party was at my cousins house 🙂


  2. Thank you for this! It's a blessing to read, because we are contemplating a relocation to the desert, and I'm not at all excited. We're from the FAR north, and I'm very good at coming up with "cons" – but am needing some "pros" to help change my attitude!

  3. I've only just started reading your blog, so have been learning about your faith – I'm interested to see the girls shorts, cause to me they are SO SHORT (though they looking fantastic in them, don't get me wrong), it just seemed to be in contradiction with what I'd read about LDS/Mormans. Maybe it's just me, and feeling like I'd be uncomfortable in them (even at their age – the fashions in Australia are a little different). Any thoughts?

  4. I dont want to make this a 'let critise the length of people's shorts' discussion, however in relation to the above comment, the current 'trend' in Australia amongst teenage girls and young women is to wear shorts so short that they come with built in underwear and their bottom cheeks hang out of the bottom. Any shopping centre on the weekend will have a multitude of young girls wearing these shorts. Although I am not of the LDS faith, I certainly do not believe Elle or Grace's shorts are too short, immodest or reveling in any way.
    Coming from a place where the temperatures are slightly comparable (slightly cooler temperatures but with humidity of about 98%), I understand the need to wear shorts. Exercising in anything other than shorts is just too hot, even expensive 'sweat wicking' technology tights arent enough.

    Elle has such long, gorgeous legs, I imagine there are problems finding dresses, shorts ect that arent too short for her, I wish I had that problem! 🙂

    Also that hike looks beautiful! I am heading to the US soon and plan to spend 4 months traveling around, hopefully I come across something just as beautiful!

  5. I live in the desert too just not the scorching dessert – New Mexico.You all have the reverse thing going on stay indoors in the summer come out doors in the winter.
    You took some great photos my dear, always fun to see your photos.

  6. There are so many pros to living in the desert. I miss it terribly since we moved away from it over 5 years ago. Thanks for this post – reminds me of my former "home". Can't wait to get back there.

  7. Sheila, it looks to me like its the hike up to the windcaves. I took my 3kids on that hike a year and a half ago(which would have made them 7,5,&3). It It was a tough hike for those ages, but they did it. Beautiful hike! Good luck!

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