Luckily Claire’s preschool helped us make our trek to the pumpkin patch this year or we probably wouldn’t have made it.

Pumpkin patches here in the desert sure aren’t what they were in D.C. (or anywhere that really has a Fall). As we took our hay ride around in the 95 degree weather and chose pumpkins from some that were literally baking in the sun, I couldn’t help but miss all those years we spent at Cox’s Farm in Virginia…the coolest pumpkin patch/farm ever. I miss enjoying the apple cider and huge slides and mazes in the nice Fall weather.

But even in the heat it was sure fun to spend time with this girl:
…especially since this girl (my friend) held Lucy the whole time:
(Lucy wishes she were her mother…she LOVES Claudia.)

Plus we got to hang with my cousins and Aunt (in-law) and their kids:And Grace’s teacher from school (one of the best teacher’s ever that all my other kids have had) and her son who happens to be in the same preschool:

I love how the kids put their names totally backwards on these pumpkins:Gotta love the expressions in this one…especially Max on the left:
And Claire’s teacher, Sarah Palin…oops, I mean Mrs. Gleason.

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