How in the world does she actually SLEEP with all this junk she insists on sleeping with??
(She’s usually wearing the Crocs.)

My theory is that she doesn’t. She just stays up all night and plays with her “guys” and reads to herself in the dark.

Dave and I realized last week that that would give a good explanation as to why she’s been so darn grumpy lately…(duh.)

So now she only gets her Dora doll and her “dankden” (blankie)…with an occasional book thrown in, and believe me, this arrangement hasn’t come without a struggle.

We still have the “battle of the wills” going on around here on a continual basis.

Oh man, it’s a good thing we’re so in love with this girl because sure gives us a run for our money.

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  1. So sweet! My little girl used to have "guys" too. She needed to know where they were at all times. She would sleep with a "Wiggles" VHS tape and a "Wiggles" tshirt! Oh how I miss those days……

  2. All of my kids have been like this!We have had to impose a limit on them too! We say three friend whether they be stuffed, action figures, or blankets. After a while they tend to try to sneak in more but we have to revert to the rule.

  3. What a sweetie she is!!! You're right she probably does not sleep and stays up playing :)My four year old dreads going to bed because that gets in the way of her playing… wish I could feel that way too 🙂

  4. If it makes you feel any better my Ellie's crib looks just like this. She is 2 1/2 and insists on about a million books, princesses, and 3 blankies. Every once in awhile she will want the shoes too. She has a stuffed Kitty that meows and every once in awhile around 2 am we will here the kitty meowing–which means your theory is probably correct! 🙂 But I can say right now, I will miss these days immensely!

  5. It always scares me when I try to make my 6 year old's bed…because of what I discover….so I try to avoid doing it. And now the dog likes to sleep with her too. Oh, boy. Take heart: my nephew had a security spatula (seriously! the metal kind!) that he carried around with him and insisted on taking to bed. My sister would have to go in and remove it after he fell asleep.

  6. I wonder since she's still in the crib and not free to seek them out in her rooom and has vision challenges in the evening, if she needs to feel varioius objects for comfort? Bring it up at school and see what the team thinks.

    Maybe when she gets a regular bed with a nightstand it will be enough reach over to the nightstand there is elmo, books and the bag is right there hanging off the drawer pull. And she'll need less things in her bed but still be able to get that familiarity of her environment through touch.

  7. Elsie LOVES posts about Lucy. She says, "Oh, Lucy is so cute! I LOOOOVVE Lucy!" We just tried to skype you and Elsie is "so sorry" that you didn't answer because she wanted to show Lucy her pajamas? Weird. Anyway… Cam used to do the same thing (when he'd actually sleep in his bed and not on the concrete floor) and I'd have to sneak in and remove all of his toys while he was sleeping, so thanks for reminding me of that forgotten memory.
    Lucy is SO cute. Sorry she's being mean.

  8. Shawni,

    My post today (Friday) is about another strong-willed li'l croc-lovin' girl. [Only without the smile ;)] And every morning as she 'wakes up' on my bed by perusing the photos in your book – a veritable photo album of sorts for her – she comes to the one of Lucy crying and tells me how "that baby cry but I not cry. Right now." [meaning, give her enough time to come out of the sleeping bliss!!! 😉 haha!]

    Love it!

  9. That is great! My 3 yr old's crib looks identical. I am always afraid she is going to hurt herself in the night.

    QUESTIONS: – Your indoor pictures are so good – what lens and setting do you use indoors????

  10. At least you can take them out! Your post made me jealous of those bars on that crib, because I'm pretty sure Sera has no intention of going back to a crib. Meanwhile, I'm amazed at all the dollhouse "guys" and books that make it into her bed too–on TOP of the enormous stuffed animals!

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