I know pizza is not the healthiest food item in the book.

I know it’s far from it.

But sometimes it is pretty delicious.  Especially with a home-made crust.  And even more especially when the only real alternative is a peanut butter sandwich or a cheese crisp because the mother of the family has been finalizing some tile and hasn’t been around to prepare much and the Dad is gone for some business meetings.

Really, plug in any mothering crazy scenario carpooling-trying-to-get-from-a-volleyball-game-to-gymnastics-and-help-kids-on-their-piano-plunking abilities and there’s often a recipe for dinner-time disaster waiting at the end of that road.

Let’s face it, most of the time we need a quick dinner.

Tonight was one of those nights.

So I called in to my trusty “flatbread maker” Grace who just got home from her volleyball game and had her whip up the crust.  When Claire and I got home from gymnastics we spread on some spaghetti sauce, sprinkled on some pre-grated cheese I had frozen a while back and baked that sucker in the oven for 8 minutes while yelling at Elle to keep practicing and voila: fresh home-made pizza:

Now, if we had a stitch of other food in the house…maybe some tomatoes and broccolini…or maybe if I cut the dough in half and made one pizza with black beans and a little salsa and cheddar cheese (like we do with Trader Joe’s pizza crusts now and then), that would be something.

But as for this night, we were all pleased as punch with this little number served with a side of fruit salad Lucy and Claire whipped up (Lu washed the grapes and pulled them off the vine, Claire cut up and apple and I sliced in some bananas).

For instructions for the crust click HERE.

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  1. Yum, we have been making pizzas every Friday night in our house (we use a gluten-free crust, called Against the Grain, add tomatoes, Wegman's Pizza sauce and fresh Mozzarella, it's delicious!!!) Cheap & quick = mommy loves it!

  2. Looks good to me! Cheese is a dairy product and tomato sauce is a vegetable, so you're good!

    That doesn't look big enough to feed your crew, though! That looks like only enough for Max!
    Teenage boys can really eat!!

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