It is a rare Saturday evening because our house is silent except for the whir of the refrigerator behind me. Although I really do love the regular hustle and bustle of the weekend teenagers trying to find something fun to do or grade-school kids making up dances or pulling out every cup in our house to hold the concoctions of smoothies they’ve come up with, I am at one with this silence.  Dave is with Max and Elle at Youth conference which has been going on locally all weekend.  They came home this afternoon and got all gussied up for dinner and a fireside tonight.2013-02-02 iPhone 69079 I love that Dave gets to work with the youth in our new ward.  It makes me so happy for the youth and for him because he loves it.  I am sending good vibes that their spirits will grow and they will feel the love of their Heavenly Father more abundantly than ever.  Grace and Claire are at friends’ houses.  Lucy is tucked sleepily in bed after convincing me that she is, indeed, a real little girl and not a cat (she told me that cats love cookies and milk so I became worried that she may actually be one since she has that trait so strongly in common with them). My body is achy and tired from a crazy weekend and it feels wonderful to stretch out on the couch alone with my thoughts.  Today I had the opportunity to speak at a local women’s conference.  I spoke about “Happiness in the Havoc of Motherhood” and even though my ears were plugged (protein deficiency??) and I felt like I was under water and couldn’t really hear myself speak the whole time, I really enjoyed it (I hope they did too!).  I especially enjoyed that my sister-in-law happened to be there and I got a chance to catch up with her one-on-one which is a rare happening around here.2013-02-02 iPhone 69075 I came home to hugs from three little girls who got their Saturday jobs all done without me nagging at their sides and got to snuggle on the couch with Claire to figure out what she wants to get with an Amazon gift card she got from her birthday.  I got to listen and watch Claire and Lucy make their own dancing/music video: Claire doing acrobatics in the background and Lucy doing twirls and claps in the front reminiscent of the dance in this post. Now if I can just get Dave to rub my feet while we watch Downton Abbey when he gets home it will be a perfect ending to a good Saturday.

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  1. Does your husband watch Downton Abbey with you too? My husband does and I love him for it. Where do you get cute clothes? I love the skirt and everything you always wear. I hate shopping since about kid #4 and can't go anywhere with kid #5 or #6 so I don't get out much. I don't even know where to go to get started. I can't wait to see your new house!! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Even though it is unreal and I could never keep up. 🙂

  2. I could almost hear the silence and the whir of the fridge!!!
    I had that moment this week, all the kids were in school ( we have kinder full day,( mon & wed), and my little kinder, had been sick and missed a lot, so it was the first day back… the house was pretty clean, laundry caught up, so I sat on my couch with 'Left to tell'.. It was the first time in forever that I was alone with a book, and my thoughts!!!

    ps, an amazing book, I can barely put it down!!

  3. I loved reading this. I find your beautiful family so inspirational. I loved your recent post about being enshrouded in family. Last year my husband and I left Washington state, where all our friends and family live, to move to rural Alaska, where he is a teacher and I am (finally) a stay-at-home mom. It such a blessing and privilege to be home with our boys all day everyday. To do preschool with the twins, and rock the baby to sleep at every nap. It makes me sad that more people don't recognize what an honor it is to be a mother, to have a family.

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