My sister-in-law and her family came to stay with us on Easter and we’ve been soaking them in this week since it’s their spring break.  We’ve been taking advantage of having these cousins around…it’s always a party when Julie’s in town…from Easter egg hunts to good discussions with the adults to cousins spending the whole afternoon in the pool to all the moms going to an early morning yoga class…and it’s only Tuesday! 
But I wanted to pause and say hi over here, and also I wanted to introduce you to the best smell in the whole wide world:
It’s orange blossom season here in the desert and I’m telling you what: the fragrance of these puppies fills the entire air in certain areas.  I could just sit there and breathe it in deep all day long if my life would let me.  Why don’t they have a candle or air scent that can replicate this?  Maybe they do and I just haven’t found it yet…or maybe something that good created by God just can never be properly even partially replicated.  
There’s something so rejuvenating and beautiful about all the buds popping out on the trees and all the “new life” of spring that has sprung while we were away for spring break.

Easter weekend was a beautiful and full one.  I loved our group family texts with updates on what the big kids were doing and snuggling up these kids at home…and also some awesome neighbors who we gathered with in between conference sessions.  And I loved conference and talking about everyone’s favorite parts en route to Easter dinner with the cousins.  My favorite talk, I think, was Elder Bednar’s about meekness.  It sure made me think.  Grace loved President Nelson’s thoughts on personal revelation and Claire loved the story of the home he grew up in, and thinking about how it affected his life in different ways.  Dave was excited about the changes and the excitement and beauty of the whole thing, and Lucy wasn’t sure what her favorite part was, but she sure made some cool artistic creations while listening.

On a totally other note, I’ve somehow successfully taught myself to like Cadbury eggs.  I didn’t even like them but since they’re all the rage and they kept coming up over the Easter season I kept tasting them and now I like them.  In fact, I love them.  Dang it!

Claire wore my sweatshirt the other night to the Easter pageant.  It was a little stylishly big on her, but it made a little piece of my heart sad.  She’s growing up too quickly.  Dang it again!

Ok, we’re heading to watch all the track and tennis stuff of our girls and cousins too that happen to be at our high school so I’m signing out.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. We took our whole young women group ( all 3 of them) lol to Utah for conference. My grace had never been and we soaked up every minute, my fav talks were president Nelson’s and Elder Durant. Grace was heartbroken to leave and is already planning on how she’s going to BYU! I love that you also had a wonderful Easter Weekend x

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