The day before the last day of school for the big kids, my baby graduated from preschool.

This was her third preschool graduation.

But this was the real deal.  The end.  The finale.

And I made it out of there without bawling.  Which was a big deal for me.

Sure, I bawled after our last IEP (I wrote about that back here.)  And a bunch to Dave about how worried I am about Kindergarten next year.  Oh, and to her teacher I adore and her vision teacher I have grown so close to.  And to the ladies in the front office.

But for some reason that particular graduation I was dry-eyed.

We had been busy.

We made this for her beloved teacher:

…filled with slips of paper with all of Lu’s favorite memories from the last three years, and pictures (which I have a lot of) and a gift card.

Lucy was so excited to present it.

We also made this for her darling bus drivers who have put up with me requesting drops and pick ups all over creation this year when I was out of town.

 We sat in our special spot on the porch and waited for the bus for the last time.

I eeked out one last story of the family of hearts who have exceptional manners that we have made up together over the year as we have sat in that spot.

Love these ladies so much.

A little later Dave and I met her for the big graduation.

We will always have such a special place for these women in our hearts.
One last hug before we took off into summer.
…and the rest of life on the horizon.
How can I ever thank this good woman and her helpers enough for changing Lucy’s life for the better?  I know that sounds dramatic but three years ago she left for school on that bus kicking and screaming with diapers in her backpack.  She has emerged with all the good-manners, confidence, reading tools and social understanding you can imagine for a girl like her.   
That great teacher claims this girl is ready for Kindergarten.  So on we go to the next adventure.
And one little girl is pretty excited about that “K” word.

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  1. At my kids' preschool graduations those cruel teachers made video collages of photos of the kids from throughout the year set to music like, "I Hope You Dance" and "Let Them Be Little". There was NO HOPE for me to get through that without crying, especially since I was 6 months pregnant during one of them!

    Lucy is such a beautiful girl, and it is certainly one of the greatest joys of parenting to see our babies grow up to good little people. Congratulations, Lu! 🙂

  2. I have absolutely no idea how you made it through without a tear! Even though I've never met Lucy, I have them streaming down my face and I am not a cryer! I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers as she begins the next super exciting chapter of her life!

  3. Congratulations! Lucy inspires me to be who I am with no regrets, and to try my very best each day. I've never met her, but I love her. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh how we love that darling Lucy! Give her hugs from Grammie and Grandfather and tell her how proud we are of the great things she has learned! How can this be possible? Can't believe those sturdy cheeks are cute as ever even after almost being kissed off for more than five years!

    Ah….time marches on! Hang in there mom. With her special gifts, not the least of which is her parents and siblings, the best is yet to be!

  5. Lucy is such a sweet little girl!
    My best friend and I just found your blog and to be honest, we just can't stop reading your posts. You give so much strength and hope, and this family of yours is such a perfect example for everyone. That's how I want to live my life too. So thank you so much for sharing pieces of your life with us! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family all the best!

  6. Congrats to your sweet girl! What an exciting landmark. Love the ideas for the teachers/bus driver too, and I'm sure they love and appreciate you! I hope to be able to do that one day!

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