It’s so weird to me that we have nieces and nephews getting married.
First we had my niece Brimley I talked about back HERE.
Then we had my nephew Rob back HERE.
So now it was time for Rob’s little brother Josh to tie the knot with his sweetheart Leah.
We were all pretty excited they chose to hold the wedding here in the desert.  They have been living in Milwaukee but went to school here, and actually met here so it was the perfect spot…for all of us in-towners too.  Loved having everyone here. 
When Dave’s family is around it’s always a party.  
And when the “real” party is ready to start, everyone pitches in to help like nobody’s business.
As I mentioned in the last post, the rehearsal dinner was held at our house the night before the wedding.

Everyone showed up and got to work.

There were five ironing boards going to get the table cloths ready.

Baby soothing. (We met our nephew’s first little baby…first great-grandbaby for Dave’s parents… with some pretty great delight.)

Toddler entertaining.

Flower arranging.


Food prepping

And table setting.

And I loved every minute of it with these great people I get to call “mine.”

The back porch went from that mess I showed at the end of the last post to this:

Then to this:

And after all that swirl of activity we were ready.

Every one of Dave’s siblings was in town.

Man I love this family.

Then the bride and groom-to-be arrived in a pretty awesome truck given to Leah.

(Elle was the photographer for this event, so thank you Elle Belle for these pics.)

I had to get her and these cute cousins in at least one:

It was fun to greet all the guests as they arrived.  So many wonderful people who love these two so much.

This is the first in-law niece with their sweet baby Bobby who we all fell in love with pretty darn quick:

Bob (Dave’s brother) welcomed everyone:

…and was the master of ceremonies for the dinner.

…as the sky turned velvety-dark.

They set up a photo-booth with props for people to take pics throughout the night.
Elle was in charge and there are a ton of great ones, but here are a few to give a little sampling:

(Leah’s parents above.)

(the bridesmaids)

(Oldest nephew and family.)

(Great-grandbaby lovey sweetie.)

It was a beautiful night to celebrate a these two great kids we love so much.

I sounded really old when I said that, right?  Kids?  But kind of, they are.  And it’s fun to write about as I reminisce about being a kid myself and getting married 21 years ago.  Yowzas I am old.

I loved the love that abounded around those tables.

Then it was clean-up…(which was as fun as the set-up)

…and on to the big wedding the next day.

To be continued…

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  1. I am so happy to see such wonderful diversity in this post! Truly! I know Dave's parents are very devout, so to see them welcoming this new family addition and her lovely bridesmaids who are obviously not LDS is very refreshing!

    Dave's family seems very sweet and loving – and non-judgemental. Which is so wonderful to see.

    1. I was going to say the same thing! It's great to see people being welcoming these days, when so many are so negatively focused on differences.

      Shawni, your new niece seems like a lot of fun! Congratulations on the newest additions to your family 🙂

  2. Dave's brother sure is a young, good looking grandpa! The photos of his mom with her first great grand child are so tender; she looks like she's filled with joy in holding him.

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