We’ve made new records here with the heat…over 110 for a bunch of consecutive days in a row…who knows how many…all I know is that it is so uncomfortably hot. When Josh was over here the other day he commented that it was 106…and it was almost 10:00pm. That is not fun. So on the spur of the moment we headed up north to the mountains with Dave’s business partners and their wives (who also happen to be his brother, brother-in-law) for a relaxing, cooler weekend get-away. It was so gorgeous up there. It was still in the upper 80s, but it felt heavenly to us. The smell of the pine trees in the air and the fact that you could walk out the door without a heavy blow of heat knocking you in the face was such a relief. We played tennis, golfed, saw a movie, ate out, talked, sat by the pool, etc. And there isn’t much better to me than being able to hang out with Dave, let alone great in-laws. The kids had a great time with a cute babysitter in our ward and now we’re all refreshed and in love (absence makes the heart grow even fonder). So good to be away…and so good to be back home, together.

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