Ok, so we are having a Motherhood Retreat here in the desert on November 19th.

Yes, like, in a week and a half.

American Mothers, Inc. is co-sponsoring the event with Power of Moms.

And I’m excited.

I love to feel empowered to put good ideas to work and to be inspired by like-minded mothers.

We will have some really great speakers including some experienced “expert” mothers from American Mothers. We will have some parenting panels and discussions and will be sharing ideas on how to implement specific powerful mothering concepts into daily life. My sister and I will be speaking about family systems and how to become your own kind of best mom. And of course, we’ll eat some great food 🙂

Here are a couple quotes from past Power of Moms retreat attendees:

“My husband is amazed at the peace and productivity that I brought home with me from the Retreat. Thank you for the life-altering changes on the way I look at motherhood and my life. I feel like a happier, healthier me.”

“I’m leaving this retreat not just with my fire lit but with it BLAZING! I love the specific tools we got to implement all the great ideas…I feel inspired — truly inspired.”

(For more details about the retreat click here.)

There will also be a “Mind Organization for Moms” session on Friday the 18th, and it looks like we will be doing that part here at my house. I’m excited to get going on that organization of my mind again because man alive, it keeps getting out of place 🙂 With the holidays coming, I need all the help I can get.

So, I’m excited that I get to do a give-away for this retreat. Right here, right now.

Please write a comment if you would like a chance to win! If you are not local but have a friend or relative you know would love to come go ahead and enter for them 🙂 Hope to see you there!

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  1. I love your site. Such wise comments. I was a mom of young children and even did Joy School. I have a daughter that would LOVE to come to your retreat. She is such a good mom to our little darling!

  2. Wow, I'm first 🙂 I would absolutely love the opportunity to come to the retreat! I want to do anything I can to help myself be the best mom I can be.

  3. Oh how I would love this! I will fly out for it. I have loved the Power of Mom podcats; they've been so helpful in getting ideas for beoming a better Mother to my boys.

  4. Please, please, please! I would love to go to this. I am local and have been wanting to attend a retreat for a long time, but have lacked the funds and babysitting while I would be away. This would work perfectly!

  5. I would love to go to this retreat! I'm a Mother of Four and could definitely use more training on how to be a better Mother, Wife and Homemaker! Plus, if you pick me, I'll bring brownies!

  6. Oh man. I could really use something like this in my life (as I sit hear wiping up tears that had fallen on the floor this morning as we were doing hair!). I need to learn how to NOT be a "yelling" mom. 🙁 My poor kids…all 6 of them would benifit from me going!

  7. What a great opportunity. I have 4 little ones, and at times I feel like I am barely scraping by. I would love to come and learn some good tools that will help me feel on top again.

  8. These retreats sound so uplifting and inspiring. I would love to attend one. I enjoyed hearing from you and your mother at TOFW this past weekend. Your blog is inspires me to be a better more deliberate mom to my five little ones. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  9. I would love to go! I have 2 teenage daughters and want & need more tools now than when they were little! I always read about what the topics are going to be and dream of being able to go. I am local in your stake actually.Love your blog post!

  10. I would love to come to the retreat! I am pregnant right now and due January 8th… only 9 more weeks. This will be my first and I have come to realize with all of the conversations I have had with women while I have been pregnant that I know absolutely nothing about motherhood or parenting… or at least, I know very little. I adore your blog. I love reading all of the tidbits of advice you have and all of your experiences as a mother. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I've looked into trying to go to one of these probably 10 times but just hadn't been able to! Of course now I have a little baby that would tag along with me but I would LOVE to go! Crossing my fingers…and my toes!!!

  12. What a great opportunity to receive tools and gain inspiration to help me become a better, more deliberate mother!

  13. beside wanting to come and hang out with you i could always use some good positive renforcement. i have a bit of a struggle on my hands with my 5 children and suffering from some serious PPD. a little perspective would be amazing right about now!

  14. So this is for my mom actually. I don't live in Phoenix, but she does. She is the most amazing woman in the world and still has six children at home. If there is anyone who deserves a break off, it definitely is her. I would love to surprise her with this! She is an avid follower of your blog, but never enters herself in giveaways, so I decided to do it for her! Thank you!

  15. I am not local, but would definitely make the trip! I have been wanting to go to something to help me become a better mom and now that my baby is 2.5 months, she is a champ traveler and is ready, too! Pick me!

  16. Have you seen What About Bob? Well he says, "I need, I need, I need…!" Remember yesterday you talked about "those moms" you see in the store with the kids all over the place. Yup, that's me! I pray that I'll be able to come and relish in the spirit of motherhood to rejuvenate myslelf!

  17. I live in Vegas but would LOVE to drive down and drink in the knowledge and wisdom of all those moms and you and your sister! I have been really wanting to go to a retreat but lack the $$ to do so!

  18. I would like to gift this retreat to my friend, Brea, that you met at your house who lives across the way from you. She's prego with twins and just recently had a surgery to keep them inside her and had to go to LA to get it done. She's a homeschool mom and would benefit from something like this and have time away even if its across the street!

  19. I have never heard of American Mother, Inc. or the Power of Moms. I feel so out of the loop! It sounds very inspirational and a great opportunity…even if I have to share motherly advice. I am definetly a sit and listen kind of girl!

  20. Shawni, I've been wanting to tell you that you did a fabulous job at TOFW last weekend! I got to go to a retreat in Utah over the summer (we just happened to be on vacation up there) and I would LOVE to go again! I've been struggling lately with that one child who is going to give me a run for my money…and I'm in desperate need of some inspiration and discussions with other moms going through the same stuff. Thanks for doing the give away…fingers crossed 🙂

  21. So exciting! I would love to be able to tell my daughter that I would watch the grand kids while she attended. She would love it. Go Mothers!

  22. Shawni – It was so great seeing you at lunch yesterday! I love it how we keep bumping into each other every so often. Please email me when you can at my email: tamaramchamberlain@gmail.com so I can further explain how BYU Alumni-Phoenix can help do a fundraiser or service project, if you are interested. Also, my family blog is: tamaratomandkids.blogspot.com. Our kids are growing up so fast, aren't they? Great to see you! Talk to you soon!


  23. I would love for my one of my friends to win this retreat. I went to one of the first ones ever in Southern Cal and it helped me so much in my mothering. I'd love to share that experience with one of my best friends. My friend Jeni lives in the Phoenix are and I know she'd love it.

  24. You know in your last post where you said all of the things that made you cry? Well, seeing this giveaway brought tears to my eyes. I feel like I am in the trenches of motherhood. I sure love my sassy 3 year old and my all over the place 1 year old, but I swear they suck the life out of me. I need help Shawnee!! Haha. Please help me! I would love to attend this workshop. I need this right now. Fingers crossed that I am the lucky girl who wins!

  25. I'm not local but I'd fly down there from Vancouver – and I'd even come by myself. I've been wanting to attend – it sounds like such a great event.

  26. What a great giveaway Shawni! And one of the best mom website resources I know! I'd love to strengthen my mothering through this! Will be one lucky winner!

  27. I am a young mom with an almost 4-year-old, and 3-month-old. I would love to set goals and routines in the home when my kids are young, to prepare for the older years. I would love the opportunity to attend.

  28. I would love to attend myself, but also have a friend who would really enjoy this. I would like to leave this comment for her. Her name is Melanie, and she is a mother of 4.

  29. I would love the chance to come to this!!! And my kids would love for me to come home ON FIRE!!! 🙂

    My kids range in age for 18 to 6, and I feel in a constant panic that I'm messing up so bad…

  30. This momma needs to bring back the message of motherhood to the Pacific Northwest. I have six kids and will actually be there from the 15 – 22. I would LOVE to go!

    Also you seem just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Thanks for a wonderful blog!

  31. Hi, I met you this past weekend at time out for women! I would love the chance of a lifetime to win this retreat!!!!! As a mother of 5 I could really use a major boost right now!

  32. I read you and your mom's book and loved it. It is one of my favorite parenting books and I love your "real life" approach to motherhood. Thank you for your insights, love of being a mother and your ability to share hard/real things with grace. I so appreciate your honesty. I would LOVE The opportunity to learn skills to be a more deliberate mom.

  33. I would like to refer my friend, Bekah Ray, for this retreat. She seriously would be an amazing addition to the event and if I can offer any more incentive, it's her birthday on the 21st and she could use the grown up time for a bit from her sweet, brilliant, VERY active 3 daughters. ;-D Please pick Bekah Ray!!!!

  34. I am already registered but I have a friend that would love to come along but can't afford it right now, it would be great to win this for her 🙂

  35. A chance to win? I would love one! Every other retreat has been just to far away and the logistics to much at the time. I am so excited to have a retreat so close.

  36. I am nominating my sister for this! She is a mother of three amazing little girls. She has been going through some extemley life changing circumstances and is the most deserving person. She has always wanted to attend this, she deserves it so much! Please pick her 🙂

  37. Puuhhlease! I'd love to go to this, it's just what I need right now! I am local so it would be super easy for me to come to Gilbert. Crossing my fingers….!

  38. I'm not local, but I have a dear friend {Bekah Ray} whose the mother of three darling daughters. She is so busy being an amazing mom to her little ones. She's also the first on to help/love others. It would be the perfect way to say thank you! {Plus it's her birthday two days later. What a perfect gift this giveaway would be for her.}

    hmnelson15 {at} frontier {dot} com

  39. I would like to nominate Bekah Ray for this retreat. Bekah is a great mother. This retreat would simply give her the opportunity to fine-tune her craft.

  40. Thanks to my sweet friends and sisters who put in a plug for me! Even if I don't win they made me feel special. But oh how I'd so love to win this. I adore your blog. I was so moved as I read your sisters sweet sister post. I have three wonderful sisters. They support and encourage me always. I'm so blessed to be a mother to three sweet little women. One of my greatest wishes is to instill in them the same loyal, loving sister relationship I've been fortunate to have. I adore motherhood. I've been constantly inspired by your blog and book. I would love love love to be chosen for this retreat. It's true it would be a great birthday surprise but more than that it would be an answer to prayers. I've had some huge curveballs thrown my way lately and I need all the help I can get. Please pick me!

  41. I was hoping and praying I'd be in your neck of the woods that date…

    But I would LOVE for my sister to be able to attend. She's had a rough last couple of years and has her life turned upside down and is down a path she hadn't planned.

    I'd LOVE for her to learn all the great things going on from Saren and the POM team.

    I'd mainly just LOVE for her to be inspired and have a day out.

    xxoo Michelle L.

  42. Oh my goodness, this would be so wonderful to attend. I have 4 kiddos of my own and my husband and I are in the process of becoming certified for foster care/adoption. I could definitely use all the tips and direction I can get. By the way, excellent job at TOFW!

  43. Being the unlucky gal that I am, I thought nah I would never get picked but then the mom in me said "you never know unless you try" SO PICK ME!!!! so close and convenient, why not?

  44. I vote my sweet sister, Bekah, too. She has talked about this retreat for awhile and I know how much she loves it! I hope, hope she gets a chance to go one day!

  45. I really need this! I am a mother of 7 here in Mendon, Utah. I love being my kids mom, from 15 all the way down to 1 years old. I think I would love it even more if I could get some good ideas from you and your awesome family. I love the way I see you and your mom mother, here on your blog, ed. week, and just other places I have seen you. This is such a big job and one I so badly want to get right! Thank for inspiring us all to be our best mom self (if that even make sense).

  46. I bought my ticket weeks ago and can't wait to participate in this inspiring weekend!

    Oh, and I need to tell you what a wonderful job you and your mother did at TOFW! You guys are adorable 🙂

  47. If it's not too late, I'd love to enter in my sister. She is a 6 footer as well, an amazing mother and just buried her baby last week. I worry about her.

  48. I would adore this. Adore is probably not a strong enough word. LOVE, NEED, MUST HAVE!! I digress…this would be just plain awesome. Yours is my go-to mommy blog & to fill up on inspiration with you would be such a delight. Pick me!! 🙂

  49. I hope I am not too late to enter!! I always covet your retreats and would LOVE to be included in this give away opportunity!!! Sooooooo amazing!!! And it's even local, hooorraaaaa!
    Christa Johnson

  50. ok i just saw you at TOFW and i'm in love with your blog and would love to do this! i feel like i really could use this retreat give-away because as a mother of 2 special needs children I am finding myself just staying afloat and that is not what i want to do! i need this! 🙂

  51. I don't know what to say that would help me to stand out from these other, I'm sure amazing, moms! I have five boys and we are entering into a phase where I am afraid I am not doing enough to prepare them for the real world. I don't know if your retreat helps with this or not. I love the POM website and came to know of it from Saren. I feel I'm a good mom…I just also feel I need to tweak things and am not sure what that is! I also, would like to check out the trainee option. I just don't have the money to attend right now.

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