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Family pictures

We do family pictures every reunion.  This year we decided to do them at the lake again.  The only trouble is that right as soon as we got ready and headed down there, a huge wind came up.
2013-07-12 reunion 82201
Which really threw us all for a loop.  2013-07-12 reunion 82237
But we knew we weren’t gonna get 45 people ready again any other time so we went for it anyway.

Our sweet Eva (a girl from Bulgaria who lived with our family for a few years and who my parents like to claim as their own and who has become an amazing photographer) and her family were at the reunion with us this year.  She took pictures of the whole family that I don’t have in my possession to put here but here’s the link I put in this blog a while back: http://illumea.com/portrait_display_dis.asp?dir=portraits/EyresReunionBearLake2013&snd=wait  if you want to see them. 

Check out her other great photography here.

Eva can pull off anything despite a little wind!

The rest of us took pictures on the side while we were waiting for set-up.
2013-07-12 reunion 822092013-07-12 reunion 82242
2013-07-12 reunion 821912013-07-12 reunion 822592013-07-12 reunion 822752013-07-12 reunion 823442013-07-12 reunion 823632013-07-12 reunion 823702013-07-12 reunion 823772013-07-12 reunion 824202013-07-12 reunion 824592013-07-12 reunion 824622013-07-12 reunion 82487
Eva was nice enough to take some pictures of our little family too, which was soooo nice of her  (I wish I had a special marking for “Illumea Photography” for these ones….)  2013-07-12 family pics 820012013-07-12 family pics 820112013-07-12 family pics 820282013-07-12 family pics 820312013-07-12 family pics 820452013-07-12 family pics 82056
We stayed out and watched the sun go down.  2013-07-12 reunion 82491
Ok, I’m going to have to do the rest tomorrow because my time is up…and this is too long! 

I’ll leave you with one more beautiful sunset 🙂2013-07-12 reunion 82505

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  1. OK, my totally favorite family picture of all time may be the second one of your family holding hands. I adore how all of the kids are looking straight ahead and you and Dave are looking at each other. Perfect!

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