Yesterday Grace gave a homecoming talk at church to wrap up her mission experience.

I sat there in the audience and beamed up at that girl. Marveling at how she has matured and how her light shines.

Don’t get me wrong, she was pretty awesome before, but yow, a mission homecoming talk is a milestone.

Kind of the culmination of such a huge experience.

But let’s back up for two seconds because this last week has been filled up the brim with reunions for this girl of ours.

She was able to come join us in Utah for the celebration of Dave’s dad’s 80th birthday (more on that soon), and got to reunite with some favorite cousins.

Then we also got to meet up with one of her favs. from my side of the family…

…and meet my sister’s twins for the first time:

…and be enveloped in more aunts who love her:

We got back on Saturday night and headed first thing to have her report to some of the leaders at the stake center:

(yes that’s a giant cold sore right there that has been giving me the serious business…this has not been my best week health-wise I tell you!)

And THEN she stood up, so composed and glowing, and told us in the congregation all about Texas and love and building spiritual tapestries.

So fun to reunite with friends who were there:

(Random assortment of pictures…Claire missed out on these.)

I can’t help but look at this picture of so many people who love her and be overcome with gratitude for the village of people who have been there for her.

Not just those pictured of course, but all the other family and friends who have had her back over all these years.

She is the luckiest.

And we are the luckiest she is ours.

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