Guess what?


And look who showed up on their instagram feed “11” days before the first real game hits (on Friday):

Our own “#11.”

(You can see the whole season schedule HERE.)

I just love that these two high school teammates get to work on the same college team:

College sports are no joke I tell you (well, actually Claire would tell you that, ha!). So many practices and so much work.

But such a cool experience to be part of this whole deal.

There was a little season debut last night with the “Green and White Scrimmage.”

I was dying that we couldn’t be there for that, but luckily there was a good little cheering section for our girl, who it sounds like played beautifully well.

The white team won (Claire’s team) which was kind of fun.

We are so excited for this girl…and that we get to be there to cheer on the team this weekend when the real-deal begins. WOOHOO!! As a freshman, who knows if Claire will get any playing time, but what an experience no matter what happens!

Go Claire Bear!

Other college volleyball links:

UVU Women’s Volleyball Schedule

UVU 2022 Women’s Roster

The beginning of Max’s BYU volleyball a few years ago

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