I know it seems weird for me to keep posting photo shoots since I really have chosen to let photography take a back seat for a little while. But just remember that although my word “choose” for 2009 still stands, I’m still finishing up the photo shoots I already had booked for this year…some of which will go clear into the Fall.

Which is good, because although I’m still feeling like putting photography on hold is exactly what I need to do…no doubt about it…I do already miss it.

There’s something so exhilarating to me about getting to go out there outside my little bubble of life and pushing myself to capture love and happiness and the essence of “right now.” I especially like the whole “rights of passage” type photo shoots, where you get to capture stages like baptisms and graduations. And this family had both.

And boy howdy, they were cute…Well…”beautiful” may be a better word than “cute” for this gal…

I must say, she looks a little different than I did with my poofy hair and, no doubt, floral dress when I got my graduation pics…

Ok, then let’s talk about GQ cover little boys in suits…

And I made his mom be in some pics, because hey, she’s a pretty darn big part of this too.

Well, and she’s pretty cute too…

I love mother/son relationships.

And a couple more glimpses of our graduation girl…

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  1. Finally my family (including my husband and first son newborn coming in 4 days) will finally be making it out to AZ in May and I didn’t schedule a session with you soon enough. I’m kicking myself for not contacting you months ago before your temporary retirement. Your work is simply beautiful and always inspiring me to try a little harder with my photography. I hope these last clients know how lucky they are! :)But should one ever cancel, say, I don’t know, around Memorial Day…let me know!

  2. It’s so wonderful to see “my boy” all dressed up and handsome for his big day. I am so grateful that I am able to keep up on my favorite kiddos and families through you! It will become that much more important next year when I’m not at Greenfield! 🙁
    much love to you!!

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