This morning Jumper the fish bit the dust.

Just when I was starting to get attached.

Dave was attached, for crying out loud. Seriously.

He (Jumper) would watch us in the kitchen and get all excited when we got his food out. You may think I kid, but he was either a smarty-pants or really crazy.

I was just starting to think maybe this fish would really last…and then I found him “sleeping” sideways.

It was a sad day in our house when we had a mini funeral around the toilet.

Those are totally fake frowns, in case you didn’t know, but I was really sad. I don’t like flushing animals down the toilet.

Grace consoled me that we’d probably get to see him again in Heaven.

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  1. When our pet beta died, we gathered the girls to tell them the sad news. We were all set to dry some tears & talk about seeing our little fishie in heaven. But when we broke the news, the girls casually said, "Oh yeah, the babysitter told us last night." Oh. They weren't heartbroken.
    p.s. We've moved on to a tree frog. But I just couldn't get a mammal because I'd feel that much worse if it died!

  2. I love Max's face…total tolerance for all this…what a great brother to all those girls!
    Too bad for Jumper…he had survived so much already…how many goldfish survive kitchen floor/spoon incidents like he did and then go on to live another week! 🙂

  3. Did you check the toilet later? My mom flushed one when my older brothers were little and later on it revived and was swimming around the bowl!

    It is sad about Jumper. I just wrote a few days ago about our son's beta that's lasted an incredible 2.5 years. I never liked it much, but now that it's lived this long, I actually think I'm going to be sad when it's a floater.

    Get a beta–they last longer!

  4. I just found out a few months ago (when we had the same experience) that regular gold fish don't get enough oxygen in a fish bowl, they need a tank with filter system. You'd have to clean their bowl EVERY DAY to keep them healthy! No time for that.

    So…if you want a fish to last, either get a tank, or a beta fish. Beta fish don't need as much oxygen and can last much longer in a fish bowl with it being cleaned. "Big Red" our beta has now been with us for several months.

    You're kids are so cute to pose with frowns for you. Funny memories 🙂

  5. Luckily for us, our pets mostly escape – then we don't have to have funerals much! I'm telling you reptiles are where it's at. They eat only once a week or so, their cages only have to be cleaned out every month or so and don't stink. And I get tons of points for being a cool mom when I let my kids keep the lizards, snakes and toads they catch! Plus when the kids loose interest, we can let them "go back to their families" (set them free in the back yard).

  6. Oh, we have so been there 🙂 Fish are not something we are able to keep alive for long. From "drowning" to jumping out, they all go to fishy heaven sooner than we expect 🙂

  7. This made me laugh out loud! Great faces girls! Remember when the snake got out and the furnace guys told us that we would find it in the heat vents…after it died…after the smell permeated the house. The toilet is a much better route!

  8. i remember a few years ago, when we had a goldfish. we went on vacation & knew that the fish would be dead by the time we got back (we weren't going to pay someone to "fish~sit" for us). we came home & the fish was ALIVE after 10 days & no food. Or so we thought! Our painter fed it while we were gone~how crazy is that? fun post!

  9. Hmm… I guess now we know it's true – floor exposure really does cut the life expectancy of a goldfish. Oh so many fish of mine died when I was a kid. Sorry that you guys are probably going to start hearing about getting another pet again! Good luck resisting 😉

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