Ok, I know, corn salad??
But honestly, when I tried this stuff they were making samples of at Trader Joes I fell in love.

I figured maybe I liked it because I had had nothing but wheat thins and string cheese to eat for two days (it’s been like that around here lately).  I mean, come on, corn salad??

So I bought the ingredients and decided to try it at home.  That way it wouldn’t have the “I’ll-eat-anything-when-I’m-starving” advantage.

But sure enough, I still liked it when I made it at home.

And so did Dave.

I won’t mention those who-would-not-be-named in hip, delicious, fresh food connoisseur-ing who kind of turned their noses up at this dish.  In my humble opinion, children shouldn’t be included in the judging of food like this.  But they did try “a lot or a little” (which is our rule with food) and I’m convinced that some day they will lick their plates clean when served this kind of delicious-ness.

Here’s the recipe if you want to try it with your own family food critic connoisseurs:

I’m telling you though, it was delish.  And I picture it going along great with a barbecue night.

For this night though (since we don’t have a bbq over here, and I was in the mood), I whipped up some bruschetta.

Why am I so in love with this stuff?

Maybe because pesto and fresh mozzarella and garden tomatoes mixed with balsamic dressing is mouth-watering in my book.

I just broiled the french bread spread with pesto in the oven, then added the cheese, tomatoes and balsamic drizzle (the best kind of balsamic glaze is at Trader Joes BTW).

Let’s just take one closer look at that and drool for a sec:

Ok, on to other things, we sold our home.

Yep, the one we have lived in for 12 years and that we adore.

But it’s ok because we sold it to an awesome family who also have four girls and a boy who we are excited we get to live close to.

A family who is moving in quicker than we had our brains wrapped around.  So we’re kind of scrambling to get it all ready for them.  We are selling a whole bunch of stuff from the inside and I know a bunch of blog readers asked me to tell when that day came.

So email me at sepphotography at gmail dot com if you are local and interested in coming to take a look at anything like these metal window-frame picture holders:

Or this blue bench:

Or throw pillows, or jars, or our master bedroom set, etc.

We are doing a home decor sale on Friday (along with a few friends who are selling a bunch of stuff) but if you’re local and want to meet me over there to check anything else sooner let me know.

If you’re not local, just go make that roasted corn salad and bruschetta and eat it up 🙂

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  1. This recipe looks great! Thank you! Whenever I'm stuck on what to make for dinner, I visit TJ's and sample what they're making. Usually it's a winner and stays in the rotation. 😉

  2. The corn salad sounds yummy to me…will be perfect for our next picnic, or anytime, really! Also, I would love the blue bench, but MD isn't quite local 🙁

  3. I am definitely making that salad. I may add in a little red onion, too. I love that roasted corn from TJ's. Thanks for sharing it. I find that each TJ's has different samples, and they are usually really good, and that the ones in AZ have better recipes than other locations 🙂

    Congrats on the sale of the home!

  4. Lady bug, I think Shawni made it herself and I think she may even have a tutorial in her archive somewhere. Could be wrong. To bad you live so far away Shawni or I would take your blue bench. Congratulations on your new home!

  5. Oh man I'd LOVE that metal frame but can't imagine how I could get it here. WAY to awkward to mail. Hope everything sent well! Corn salad. Here we come!

  6. We made the corn salad with a change up…I accidentally said chives instead of cilantro when hubs went to the store so we added those…then I had cilantro on hand so used that and added a can of black beans….SO YUMMY…Muy daughter told me it tasted like Chipotle. It will become a new staple at my house!!! THANKS!

  7. Oh yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe…and congrats on the sale of your home–hope the move goes smoothly for you and your sweet family. 🙂

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