When Lucy moved into her “big-girl bed” she and Grace switched places.

It’s taken us a while to transform this:…into this:
(This is before the paint color change this week…and taking the plastic off the lamps, etc….more on that later…)

Why did it take forever you ask? Well, first of all, because I’m slow. And I’m indecisive. And because Grace and I decided to make her duvet cover. Yes, we really did. And after three different mistakes on the fabric we wanted, we got to work (and now we have some spare fabric sitting around for making aprons this summer).

I love sewing projects. I love to create things…especially when it’s with my girls. Maybe the reason I love it so much is because we don’t get to do it all that often, so it makes those rare occasions extra meaningful.
And the fact that something actually turns out makes it pretty exciting too.

I was pretty proud of us that we did cording and everything! (Thanks, Angela, for explaining how the heck to do that.)
…and somehow we got the flowers to semi-match up along the seams. Let me tell you, that’s no small feat for our little sewing duo!
But there we have it: A new bed for Grace.
And we’re pretty happy about it.


  1. That looks amazing! I'm so impressed. i was just going to ask you where you bought the bedspread b/c the colors are so great. Maybe I can glue gun a bedspread together?! 🙂

  2. Hey Shawni: First thing I was going to ask as soon as I saw the photo was where you got the amazing duvet. Instead, I'd like to know what fabrics you used. (and where you got the amazing pillow). 😉


  3. It is beautiful! I am impressed at the duvet cover!!!! We just did room transformations at our house as well! That fabric is a perfect Tween look!

  4. Geez girl. I know you say that you try to keep it real, but is there anything you can't do? You sew, you take amazing photos, you're an awesome mother, you are asked to speak at different functions, you play tennis. Please tell me you can't sing and I'll feel better. Not that I can, but you seem to be the Jill of all trades.

  5. Shawni, that's awesome! It looks great. I love making things, too. I've been blessed with three little girls, so it's been a lot of fun to complete projects for them. I should send you a copy of a pattern for slippers. You're girls would love them. I'll be at the retreat this weekend and look forward to finally meeting you.

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats on your progress!

    What a cool thing that she'll be able to look back on for years and say, "I made this with my mother."

  7. Cute Shawni! I LOVE the end tables, too.

    So, long story short, I just found your family portrait on awkward family photos! Impressive! 🙂

  8. I just found your site. I have been a big fan of your parents books for a long time and now am raising three daughters. I just love what you share…thank you!

    And this bedspread is AMAZING…even more amazing? That you and your daughter did it together!

  9. The room is super cute! Where did you get your gray cardi that you are wearing in the pictures. I always find myself asking, where did she get that skirt, or that shirt?? Maybe you would share these mysteries?? 😉

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