That’s the pace of my life right now.

Which isn’t really great for me, because I’m already late for life in general as it is.

Every mother of a three-year-old will understand that it doesn’t help my late-ness to have this girl as my side-kick:Nope, not at all.

She has to line up her letters and “guys” (figurines) just so before we go anywhere.
She has to put them back in her purse in a particular order.

She has to get out of the car by herself. If I help her on accident, she gets right back in and does it herself (after a small tantrum).

She has to do everything just her way or we’re all in for trouble.

So, my life is S-L-O-W right now.

Very slow.

So slow that sometimes it makes me crazy.

So I get out the camera and take pictures to help bide my time while she counts up random things:
Has to read a particular way before bed (we have to sit just so on the reading chair…my spot is off to one side and hers is mounting up on one of the arms like a horse. We must be in that position before the story begins). No just sitting on my lap with my arms wrapped around her for that girl.
She has to drink approximately four drinks in her specific cup-color of choosing for that particular moment in time (and I better not get it wrong or I’m in for it).

She has to stick with her own agenda…one that she makes up as she goes along and changes her mind like 235 times about what the next step is. (Hmmm…sounds like someone else I know.)

If you don’t get it right or you try to tweak it a little, boy howdy she lets you know that’s just not gonna fly.

I know, I know, all three-year-olds do these things. But I’m just saying, wow.

This is my new favorite picture:
And so, my dear Lucy, although I do appreciate you helping me slow down enough to keep up with the average snail, (life goes WAY too fast and I do want to take time to smell the flowers along the way of this crazy-fast life of ours), do you think we could just take it up just a teeny, tiny notch?

That would be good for my sanity.

Plus, I’m pretty quick at smelling the flowers.

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  1. We're in slow motion with our 3 year old, too. Miss Ella's precision and routine is pretty amazing, albeit frustrating for the rest of us. Am I the only one having trouble keeping up with the sheer minutiae of it all? All these details and caveats leave my brain spinning. Oh well. This, too, shall pass and eventually become a hilarious story to tease her about when she's al grown up and mature. You know… when she's 12. 🙂

  2. Oh, I can so relate to this! I keep having to remind myself that someday I'm gonna miss this (although sometimes I have a hard time convincing myself through some of those random tantrums). That little Lucy is a doll though!!

  3. LOL That sounds actually like Savannah. We have to leave 15 minutes before her bus gets to its stop which should be only about a five minute walk, but Savannah will not let me hold her hand. She has to stop to smell the flowers she sees along the way, pick up rocks, make me chase her around the trees, then she has to line up the rocks that she has found, and count them. It can drive me crazy.

  4. I totally laughed through the entire post because little Lu is just like my Hollywood. That's her nickname and it's totally fitting! Oh but they are cute and it's a good thing because if Holly was born first…she may have just been the last! 😉
    Thanks for sharing your stories, it gives me comfort knowing that I am not alone.

  5. Hilarious! It almost feels like sometimes, your guts might burst out in frustration at the pace. Deep breathing is the solution to keeping your patience maybe?
    She is SO cute.

  6. I am new to your blog, and very touched by everything I read. You are so inspiring and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    My daughter has Cerebral Palsy (not major, but mild), and like you, as she grows we run into other road blocks, but one thing is for sure…the Lord creates detours; and sometimes with scenic views.



  7. awwwwwwww love that last picture of her! I have 2×2 year olds who are a bit like that – things need to be done a particular way, they will only drink from a certain bottle, you can't help them into the car or do somethings for them!


  8. My friend recommended your site. I agree…all 3 year olds are like that. Sometimes it's a blessing that my 3 year old thinks it's funny to walk in slow motion when I'm saying "Hurry! Come get yer jammies on, Hurry!!". He giggles and walked in slow motion and I just have to BREATHE. I appreciate that sometimes our children see that we, as moms, need to slow down. Thanks for the post.

  9. Oh man. I am no stranger to this world. It's like swimming in mud. I don't feel like it's any one particular child doing this to me (although they all have their days). It's just the accumulation of 7, 5, 3, and infant. It's hard to slow down when life out there demands FAST.

  10. My life has slowed waaaaay down with my 3-yr-old also…heaven forbid I do something she wants to do herself…se goes out of her way to put it back and do it herself. Although I try to appreciate her independence, it's tough when we're late for big sis' soccer practice!

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