This is a secret. We are packing up the car tomorrow, picking our kids up at school and heading to Disneyland. I am so excited to surprise them I can hardly stand it! It has been a little tricky trying to be all secretive as to why we’re trying to get them to finish their homework packets on the first day of the week, do extra piano practice, go to make-up classes for gymnastics, etc., but I think they really have no clue. Now hopefully their teachers won’t spill the beans tomorrow (they all know…homework reasons…we have to take some with us because hey, I guess school is sort of important too…but not as important as Disneyland right now!).


  1. Can I come!!!?

    I worked at Disneyland for two summers while I was home from college. I knew all the dance routines to every parade! It was the best job and after work I would meet my boyfriend, go buy a churro, and spend the rest of the night watching fireworks, standing in lines, just enjoying the place.

    Have fun!!

  2. i want to be happy for you but that’s MY park. hahaha! i think that every time someone tells me they’re going. my kids and i went three times a week before we moved here. we alway had passes because no matter what financial situation we were in at any given time we could always go to disneyland. 🙂

    have the best time ever! your kids are going to FREAK OUT!

  3. You lucky duck! The kids are going to be in absolute heaven! We love going in January/February since there are no lines. My brother Scott is there with his family until Thursday so hopefully you will see them there. 🙂 Have a great time!

  4. what fun!!!! your kids are definitely going to be talking about how you are the coolest parents ever for quite some time. i remember one day when we woke up, and my parents said to get read to go, but they wouldn’t tell us where. (remember i grew up about an hour away from disneyland) then all of a sudden i started seeing signs for disneyland, and asked if that’s where we were going thinking there was no way that was it, and sure enough…that’s where we went. such fun!

  5. Oh, wow! Just realized I posted the first post under my husbands name. (Adam) I don’t think he would like it if he knew that it said he knew all the dances in the parades and hung out with his boyfriend after work. Whoops, my bad!

    Anyway, have fun! Eat a churro for me, will ya?

  6. Your the coolest parents ever! I love surprises…I hope you guys have tons of fun, and perfect weather! Ride Space Mountain and Pirates for me, love those. Oh and Indiana Jones is a must. I wish you were my parents 🙂

  7. That is so exciting…We surprised our kids this past summer doing the same thing! All I can say is Disneyland is just as magical for the adults as it is for the kids!
    Have a blast!

  8. What a fun idea.. Have a good time and hope it doesn’t rain. We’ve been having a lot of rain in the Golden State. You won’t have long lines which will make it even more magical. Oh and look for Mark’s brother Joel (remember when we set him up with Sadie?) and his family they are at Disneyland this week too.

  9. Shawni, sorry for not getting back to you, I hope you didn’t feel avoided. I think it was so great that you surprised your kids. Tom and I were kinda hoping we had done that too, especially after our little ocd Ike couldn’t talk about it enough. I am sorry we didn’t cross paths, we would of loved to see you guys there. I love the couple of pictures I saw on your blog. I can’t wait for the cd to arrive. I hope you get back safe and I’ll talk to you soon.

  10. Shawni:
    It was so nice to put your ever so “beautiful” face with your blog. It was so nice to meet you at my sister’s shower. I am so excited for you and your family. We took our kids a couple of years ago. It is one of the places that is truly “magical”. We loved every second of it. Your kids are the perfect ages. My blog is Can’t wait to see your awesome pics of the trip…

  11. Hey Shawni, I just got the cds today in the mail. What a great present to open up and view! I loved the fancy ribbons too. I love what you captured. Thank you so much putting photos in my blank frames hanging on the walls. I am interested in the collage idea, sounds perfect for my wall. Thanks again and can’t wait to see your Disney pictures.

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